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Please read the README for the latest stable branch v2.1.2

Laravel SMS is a simple Laravel 5 package for sending messages to different SMS services.

Currently supported:


Install via composer - In the terminal:

composer require leadthread/laravel-sms

Install Plivo or Twilio SDK

composer require plivo/plivo-php:^1.1
# or
composer require twilio/sdk:^4.10
# or
composer require bandwidth/catapult:^0.8.2

Now add the following to the providers array in your config/app.php


and this to the aliases array in config/app.php

"Sms" => "LeadThread\Sms\Facades\Sms",

Then you will need to run these commands in the terminal in order to copy the config file

php artisan vendor:publish


First you must change your config file located at config/sms.php with your proper API credentials.

Sending Messages

You can simply send a message like this:

# Send one text
$message  = "Hello Phone!";
$to       = "+15556667777";
$from     = "+17776665555";
$response = Sms::send($message,$to,$from);
# Send many texts
$message  = "Hello Phone!";
$to       = ["+15556667777","+15556667778","+15556667779"];
$from     = "+17776665555";
$response = Sms::sendMany($message,$to,$from);
# Send many texts with different messages
$items = [
  ["msg"=>"Hello Rick!", "to"=>"+15556667777","from"=>"+17776665555"],
  ["msg"=>"Hello Tyler!","to"=>"+15556667778","from"=>"+17776665555"],
  ["msg"=>"Hello Karla!","to"=>"+15556667779","from"=>"+17776665555"],
$response = Sms::sendArray($items);

Dont forget to add this to the top of the file

//If you updated your aliases array in "config/app.php"
use Sms;
//or if you didnt...
use LeadThread\Sms\Facades\Sms;

Buying and Selling phone numbers

$areacode = '435';
//Search for a number to buy
//The response is different for each SMS service provider. This example shows Plivo.
$response = Sms::searchNumber($areacode);
$number = $response['response']['objects'][0]['number'];

//Buy the number

//Unrent the number


Contributions are always welcome! If you would like to have another service added to the list please request it by opening up an issue or sending a pull request