This is a Laravel passport grant for social.

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The missing social authentication plugin (i.e. SocialGrant) for laravel passport.

Laravel Passport Socialite

The missing social authentication plugin (i.e. SocialGrant) for laravel passport.


This package helps integrate social login using laravel's native packages i.e. (passport and socialite). This package allows social login from the providers that is supported in laravel/socialite package.

Getting Started

To get started add the following package to your composer.json file using this command.

composer require larva/laravel-passport-socialite -vv


When composer installs this package successfully, register the Larva\Passport\Socialite\PassportSocialiteGrantProvider::class in your config/app.php configuration file.

'providers' => [
    // Other service providers...

Note: You need to configure third party social provider keys and secret strings as mentioned in laravel socialite documentation


S设置你的 User 模型

添加 findAndValidateForPassportSocialite 方法到你的 User 模型, findAndValidateForPassportSocialite 方法接受两个参数 $provider and $socialUser

$provider - string - 你的社交账户提供商。如: facebook, google。

$socialUser - \Larva\Socialite\Contracts\User - 社交服务商获取到的用户实例

And the function should find the user which is related to that information and return user object or return null if not found

Below is how your User model should look like after above implementations.

namespace App\Models;

class User extends Authenticatable {
    use HasApiTokens, Notifiable;

    * Find user using social provider's user
    * @param string $provider Provider name as requested from oauth e.g. facebook
    * @param \Larva\Socialite\Contracts\User $socialUser User of social provider
    * @return User|void
    public static function findAndValidateForPassportSocialiteRequest(string $provider, \Larva\Socialite\Contracts\User $socialUser) {
        if( $socialUser->user) {
            return $socialUser->user;
        // 你其他代码,例如自动注册用户 如果你绑定了用户 \Larva\Socialite\Contracts\User 里面有你绑定的用户模型实例