Simple Laravel wrapper for the API of the Barion online payment system

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Laravel-Barion is provides an easy way to use the Barion API with Laravel applications. Under the hood there is just a thin wrapper to make API calls simple.


  1. Install the package using composer:

composer require laravelhungary/laravel-barion

If you're using Laravel 5.5, you're done, the following steps are being done automatically.

  1. Register the service provider in the app.php config file
  1. Register the Barion facade (optional)
'Barion' =>  LaravelHungary\Barion\BarionFacade::class


Laravel-Barion comes preconfigured, you only need to set your POS key in the .env file:

BARION_POS_KEY=<my pos key>

The Barion environment defaults to To use the live instead, set


If you'd like to tweak the configuration values, publish the config file:

artisan vendor:publish --provider="LaravelHungary\Barion\BarionServiceProvider"


You can either resolve the Barion class from the Service Container using Laravel's dependency injection, or simply use the provided Facade.

There are two convenience methods for the two most-often used API calls:

Get the payment status


Start a Payment

    'PaymentType' => PaymentType::IMMEDIATE,
    'GuestCheckOut' => true,
    'FundingSources' => [FundingSource::ALL],
    'Locale' => Locale::HU,
    'Currency' => Currency::HUF,
    'Transactions' => [
            'POSTransactionId' => 'ABC-1234',
            'Payee' => '',
            'Total' => 4990,
            'Items' => [
                    'Name' => 'Example item',
                    'Description' => 'This is a sample description',
                    'Quantity' => 1,
                    'Unit' => 'db',
                    'UnitPrice' => 4990,
                    'ItemTotal' => 4990

All other API calls are accessible using either get or post:

Barion::post('/api/url', ['my-data' => 'some value'])

POS Key is automatically appended to each request.


Laravel-Barion is open source software licensed under the MIT License.