Durable workflow engine that allows users to write long running persistent distributed workflows (orchestrations) in PHP powered by Laravel queues.

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Laravel Workflow is a package for the Laravel web framework that provides tools for defining and managing workflows and activities. A workflow is a series of interconnected activities that are executed in a specific order to achieve a desired result. Activities are individual tasks or pieces of logic that are executed as part of a workflow.

Laravel Workflow can be used to automate and manage complex processes, such as financial transactions, data analysis, data pipelines, microservices, job tracking, user signup flows, sagas and other business processes. By using Laravel Workflow, developers can break down large, complex processes into smaller, modular units that can be easily maintained and updated.

Some key features and benefits of Laravel Workflow include:

  • Support for defining workflows and activities using simple, declarative PHP classes.
  • Tools for starting, monitoring, and managing workflows, including support for queuing and parallel execution.
  • Built-in support for handling errors and retries, ensuring that workflows are executed reliably and consistently.
  • Integration with Laravel's queue and event systems, allowing workflows to be executed asynchronously on worker servers.
  • Extensive documentation and a growing community of developers who use and contribute to Laravel Workflow.


Documentation for Laravel Workflow can be found on the Laravel Workflow website.


You can find us in the GitHub discussions and also on our Discord channel.

Sample App

There's also a sample application that you can run directly from GitHub in your browser.


1. Create a workflow.

use Workflow\ActivityStub;
use Workflow\Workflow;

class MyWorkflow extends Workflow
    public function execute($name)
        $result = yield ActivityStub::make(MyActivity::class, $name);
        return $result;

2. Create an activity.

use Workflow\Activity;

class MyActivity extends Activity
    public function execute($name)
        return "Hello, {$name}!";

3. Run the workflow.

use Workflow\WorkflowStub;

$workflow = WorkflowStub::make(MyWorkflow::class);
while ($workflow->running());
=> 'Hello, world!'


Waterline is a separate UI that works nicely alongside Horizon. Think of Waterline as being to workflows what Horizon is to queues.

Dashboard View


Workflow View


Refer to for installation and configuration instructions.

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