Laravel 5.5.x Front-end preset for skeleton

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Use this repo as a skeleton for your new preset, once you're done please open an issue on this repo.

Here's the latest documentation on Laravel 5.5:

A Boilerplate repo for presets

This package makes it easy to use :preset-name with Laravel 5.5+.

Note: Replace :preset-name, :link-to-website, :author-name and :author-username on this file, and then delete this line.

Note: Make sure you replace all the instances of the word skeleton or Skeleton on this file, the composer.json file and on the src/ folder, and to rename the files. You can delete this line after.

This is where your description should go. Add a little code example so build can understand real quick how the package can be used. Try and limit it to a paragraph or two.



To install this preset on your laravel application, simply run:

composer require laravel-frontend-presets/skeleton


Please check our contributing rules in our website for details.



The MIT License (MIT).