Bulma Frontend Preset For Laravel Framework 6.0 and Up

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Bulma Frontend Preset For Laravel Framework 5.5 and Up

Current version: Bulma ^v0.8.0 + Bulma Extensions ^v6.2.7


  1. Fresh install Laravel 5.5 (and up) and cd to your app.
  2. Install this preset via composer require laravel-frontend-presets/bulma. No need to register the service provider. Laravel 5.5 & up can auto detect the package.
  3. Use php artisan ui bulma for basic Bulma preset. OR Use php artisan ui bulma-auth for basic preset, Auth route entry and Bulma Auth views in one go.
  4. npm install
  5. npm run dev
  6. Configure your favorite database (mysql, sqlite etc.)
  7. php artisan migrate to create basic user tables.
  8. php artisan serve (or equivalent) to run server and test preset.

Bulma Pagination Template

  1. Upto Laravel 5.6 - Vendor publish and replace the code from here default.blade.php
  2. Laravel 5.7 and up - Vendor publish and replace the code from here bootstrap-4.blade.php

Bulma Extensions

  1. It is a set of missing Bulma.io functionalities in the form of extensions. More info at https://wikiki.github.io/
  2. Customize bulma.sass, bulma-extensions.sass, bulma-extensions.js and app.js as needed.


Bulma login screen