Sort the grid data by drag and drop rows

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This extension can help you sort by dragging the rows of the data list, the front end is based on jQueryUI sortable, and the back end is based on eloquent-sortable

这个插件可以帮助你通过拖动数据列表的行来进行排序,前端基于jQueryUI sortable, 后端基于eloquent-sortable

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composer require laravel-admin-ext/grid-sortable -vvv

Publish asserts

php artisan vendor:publish --provider="Encore\Admin\GridSortable\GridSortableServiceProvider"


Define your model


use Illuminate\Database\Eloquent\Model;
use Spatie\EloquentSortable\Sortable;
use Spatie\EloquentSortable\SortableTrait;

class MyModel extends Model implements Sortable
    use SortableTrait;

    public $sortable = [
        'order_column_name' => 'order_column',
        'sort_when_creating' => true,

Use in grid

$grid = new Grid(new MyModel);


This will add a column to the grid. After dragging one row, a Save order button will appear at the top of the grid. Click to save order.


The default text for the button is Save order. If you use an other language, such as Simplified Chinese, you can add a translation to the resources/lang/zh-CN.json file.

    "Save order": "保存排序"


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