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laravel-admin is administrative interface builder for laravel which can help you build CRUD backends just with few lines of code.

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Inspired by SleepingOwlAdmin and rapyd-laravel.




  • PHP >= 7.0.0
  • Laravel >= 5.5.0
  • Fileinfo PHP Extension


This package requires PHP 7+ and Laravel 5.5, for old versions please refer to 1.4

First, install laravel 5.5, and make sure that the database connection settings are correct.

composer require encore/laravel-admin

Then run these commands to publish assets and config:

php artisan vendor:publish --provider="Encore\Admin\AdminServiceProvider"

After run command you can find config file in config/admin.php, in this file you can change the install directory,db connection or table names.

At last run following command to finish install.

php artisan admin:install

Open http://localhost/admin/ in browser,use username admin and password admin to login.


The file config/admin.php contains an array of configurations, you can find the default configurations in there.

Right to left support

just go to this path <YOUR_PROJECT_PATH>\vendor\encore\laravel-admin\src\Traits\HasAssets.php and modify $baseCss array for loading right to left (rtl) version of bootstap and AdminLTE css files.
bootstrap.min.css change it to bootstrap.rtl.min.css
AdminLTE.min.css change it to AdminLTE.rtl.min.css


Extension Description laravel-admin
helpers Several tools to help you in development ~1.5
media-manager Provides a web interface to manage local files ~1.5
api-tester Help you to test the local laravel APIs ~1.5
scheduling Scheduling task manager for laravel-admin ~1.5
redis-manager Redis manager for laravel-admin ~1.5
backup An admin interface for managing backups ~1.5
log-viewer Log viewer for laravel ~1.5
config Config manager for laravel-admin ~1.5
reporter Provides a developer-friendly web interface to view the exception ~1.5
wangEditor A rich text editor based on wangeditor ~1.6
summernote A rich text editor based on summernote ~1.6
china-distpicker 一个基于distpicker的中国省市区选择器 ~1.6
simplemde A markdown editor based on simplemde ~1.6
phpinfo Integrate the phpinfo page into laravel-admin ~1.6
Several programing language editor extensions based on code-mirror ~1.6
star-rating Star Rating extension for laravel-admin ~1.6
json-editor JSON Editor for Laravel-admin ~1.6
grid-lightbox Turn your grid into a lightbox & gallery ~1.6
daterangepicker Integrates daterangepicker into laravel-admin ~1.6
material-ui Material-UI extension for laravel-admin ~1.6
sparkline Integrates jQuery sparkline into laravel-admin ~1.6
chartjs Use Chartjs in laravel-admin ~1.6
echarts Use Echarts in laravel-admin ~1.6
simditor Integrates simditor full-rich editor into laravel-admin ~1.6
cropper A simple jQuery image cropping plugin. ~1.6
composer-viewer A web interface of composer packages in laravel. ~1.6
data-table Advanced table widget for laravel-admin ~1.6
watermark Text watermark for laravel-admin ~1.6
google-authenticator Google authenticator ~1.6


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laravel-admin based on following plugins or services:


laravel-admin is licensed under The MIT License (MIT).