Manage your Laravel Applications remotely.

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Laravel Remote supports Laravel 5.* currently.


Via Composer

$ composer require larasoft/laravel-remote dev-master

Add following two providers in providers array of "config/app.php".

'providers' => [

Run "php artisan vendor:publish" in project root to publish config files and middleware.


Step 1 (Required)

In "app/Http/Kernel.php, replace "\Illuminate\Foundation\Http\Middleware\CheckForMaintenanceMode::class" with "LaravelRemoteCheckForMaintenanceMode::class" in "$middleware" array.

In "config/remote.php", replace 'LARAVEL_REMOTE_KEY' with your generated key in Laravel Remote Dashboard.

return [
    'key' => env('LARAVEL_REMOTE_KEY'),
    'url' => env('LARAVEL_REMOTE_URL')

Step 2 (Required for Database Backups feature)

Configure your config/database.php as follows to enable Backups of your database.

'connections' => [
	'mysql' => [
		'dump_command_path' => '/path/to/the/binary', // only the path, so without 'mysqldump' or 'pg_dump'
		'dump_command_timeout' => 60 * 5, // 5 minute timeout
		'dump_using_single_transaction' => true, // perform dump using a single transaction
		'driver'    => 'mysql',

For more information regarding Database backups visit:

Step 3 (Required for Failed Job Notification feature)

In "config/remote.php", replace 'LARAVEL_REMOTE_URL' with base URL of Laravel Remote Dashboard (without trailing /). e.g:

return [
    'key' => env('LARAVEL_REMOTE_KEY'),
    'url' => env('LARAVEL_REMOTE_URL')

Add following entry in $listen array of App\Providers\EventServiceProvider.

protected $listen = [
    LaravelRemoteJobFailed::class => [

Override failed() method in your job classes i.e. in app/Jobs directory as follows.

    public function failed()
        $data = ['job' => class_basename($this)];
        event(new LaravelRemoteJobFailed($data));

That's it.


Use Laravel Remote Dashboard to manage your Apps. Enjoy!

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$ composer test


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