Larafull - Laravel build with most useful packages.

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v1.1 2018-10-16 20:15 UTC

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Last update: 2023-01-22 12:08:19 UTC


Quick installation

composer create-project --prefer-dist larafull/larafull:dev-master project_name

Idea of Larafull

Main idea of Larafull is to create Laravel build with most useful packages in a box.

Installed and configured packages

  • jeremykenedy/laravel-roles - installed and configured roles and permissions package
  • laravelcollective/html - pretty forms and input for Blade
  • sven/artisan-view - allows you to create views like php artisan make:view folder.view_name

Tools scripts

  • ./tinker - launch tinker like ./ti [TAB]

License etc

Project was created from original repository

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This is beta and it will be better.