Controlled My laravel Project.

v1.2.0 2022-05-25 08:51 UTC


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Secure Your Right After Delivered Your web app. Before they can pay you, your customer needs test the app on their server, but you are unsure if they will still pay you afterward. Let's track and control your web application remotely so you don't have to worry any more.

Video Tutorial

LaraCtrl Minyatore how to


⚠️ Don't install this package in local : Be very careful here!

  1. Command :
  composer require laractrl/controlled
  1. Publishing view and config files :
  php artisan vendor:publish --tag=controlled
  1. Setup command :
  php artisan controlled:up APP_KEY

Or you can copy from table of apps and click to action, click Copy Command

Now go and control your app

Codes :

Code R0000 R0001 R0002 R0003 R0004
Description Passed App does not exist Domain incorrect IP incorrect App locked