DbAdmin driver for PostgreSQL.

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DbAdmin drivers for PostgreSQL

This package is based on Adminer.

It provides PostgreSQL drivers for Jaxon DbAdmin, and implements the interfaces defined in

It requires either the php-pgsql or the php-pdo_pgsql PHP extension to be installed, and uses the former by default.


Install with Composer.

composer require lagdo/dbadmin-driver-pgsql


Declare the PostgreSQL servers in the packages section on the Jaxon config file. Set the driver option to pgsql.

    'app' => [
        'packages' => [
            Lagdo\DbAdmin\Package::class => [
                'servers' => [
                    'server_id' => [
                        'driver' => 'pgsql',
                        'name' => '',     // The name to be displayed in the dashboard UI.
                        'host' => '',     // The database host name or address.
                        'port' => 0,      // The database port. Optional.
                        'username' => '', // The database user credentials.
                        'password' => '', // The database user credentials.

Check the Jaxon DbAdmin documentation for more information about the package usage.