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CurrencyExchangeBundle for test task I had.

dev-master 2014-08-28 06:48 UTC

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Last update: 2024-07-11 14:12:02 UTC



Just place require new package for your symfony installation via composer.json

"krucas/currencyexhangebundle": "dev-master"

Then hit composer update

Register bundle in symfony2 installation

Add bundle to your bundles list

new Krucas\CurrencyExchangeBundle\KrucasCurrencyExchangeBundle()

Available config params

  • krucas_currency_exchange.class.service.rate - Rate service class name
  • krucas_currency_exchange.class.service.manager - Rate manager class name
  • - Rate storage class name
  • - Table name for doctrine storage
  • krucas_currency_exchange.refreshRate - Refresh rate in seconds for cache
  • krucas_currency_exchange.providers - Rate provider class names



  • currency:rates - Return array of rates. Accepts two params: from-currency, to-currency
  • currency:rate:best - Return best rate. Accepts two params: from-currency, to-currency


To use doctrine rate storage you should import sql/table.sql into your configured DB.