Run php closure asynchronously

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How this work?

Well its basically "exec" with serialised closure. "Dressed" in nice libs like symfony process and console. I serialise callable function and sent to child process by exec. To get callback I register shutdown function and wait for process to finish.

Why not pcntl ?

  • Pcntl extension fork, so you can forget using it in web applications like apache2/php-fpm etc its only for CLI
  • forks retains the parent state (for example open files) so its problematic

Problems ?

  • Calling exec is slower then fork
  • Some resource/function/data must be passed directly to closure

Some research

Example ?

Sure take a look -

User cases (mostly some code on website that user don't need to wait for)

  • send callback
  • publish to queue amqp
  • send external analytic data
  • remove files
  • process payments

Supports M$ Windows?



  • tests