A Laravel package for the Firebase PHP Admin SDK

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A Laravel package for the Firebase PHP Admin SDK.

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The future of the Firebase Admin PHP SDK

Please read about the future of the Firebase Admin PHP SDK on the SDK's GitHub Repository.


composer require kreait/laravel-firebase


In order to access a Firebase project and its related services using a server SDK, requests must be authenticated. For server-to-server communication this is done with a Service Account.

If you don't already have generated a Service Account, you can do so by following the instructions from the official documentation pages at

Once you have downloaded the Service Account JSON file, you can configure the package by specifying environment variables starting with FIREBASE_ in your .env file. Usually, the following are required for the package to work:

# You can find the database URL for your project at

For further configuration, please see config/firebase.php. You can modify the configuration by copying it to your local config directory or by defining the environment variables used in the config file:

# Laravel
php artisan vendor:publish --provider="Kreait\Laravel\Firebase\ServiceProvider" --tag=config

Credentials with JSON files

The package uses auto discovery for the default project to find the credentials needed for authenticating requests to the Firebase APIs by inspecting certain environment variables and looking into Google's well known path(s).

If you don't want a service account to be auto-discovered, provide it by setting the FIREBASE_CREDENTIALS or GOOGLE_APPLICATION_CREDENTIALS environment variable or by adapting the package configuration, like so for example:


Credentials with Arrays

If you prefer to have more control over the configuration items required to configure the credentials, you can also transpose the Service Account JSON file as an array within your config/firebase.php file.

'credentials' => [
    'type' => 'service_account',
    'project_id' => 'some-project-123',
    'private_key_id' => '123456789',
    'private_key' => '-----BEGIN PRIVATE KEY-----\nFOO_BAR_123456789\n-----END PRIVATE KEY-----\n',
    'client_email' => '',
    'client_id' => '123456789',
    'auth_uri' => '',
    'token_uri' => '',
    'auth_provider_x509_cert_url' => '',
    'client_x509_cert_url' => '',
    'universe_domain' => '',


Once you have retrieved a component, please refer to the documentation of the Firebase PHP Admin SDK for further information on how to use it.

You don't need and should not use the new Factory() pattern described in the SDK documentation, this is already done for you with the Laravel Service Provider. Use Dependency Injection, the Facades or the app() helper instead

Multiple projects

Multiple projects can be configured in config/firebase.php by adding another section to the projects array.

When accessing components, the facade uses the default project. You can also explicitly use a project:

use Kreait\Laravel\Firebase\Facades\Firebase;

// Return an instance of the Auth component for the default Firebase project
$defaultAuth = Firebase::auth();
// Return an instance of the Auth component for a specific Firebase project
$appAuth = Firebase::project('app')->auth();
$anotherAppAuth = Firebase::project('another-app')->auth();

Supported Versions

Only the latest version is actively supported.

Earlier versions will receive security fixes as long as their lowest SDK requirement receives security fixes. You can find the currently supported versions and support options in the SDK's README.

Version Initial Release Supported SDK Versions Supported Laravel Versions Status
5.x 13 Jan 2023 ^7.0 ^9.0, ^10.0, ^11.0 Active
4.x 09 Jan 2022 ^6.0 ^8.0 End of life
3.x 01 Nov 2020 ^5.24 ^6.0, ^7.0, ^8.0 End of life
2.x 01 Apr 2020 ^5.0 ^5.8, ^6.0, ^7.0, ^8.0 End of life
1.x 17 Aug 2019 ^4.40.1 ^5.8, ^6.0, ^7.0 End of life


This project is licensed under the MIT License.

Your use of Firebase is governed by the Terms of Service for Firebase Services.