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A simple helpdesk tickets system for Laravel 5.1 – 5.8 and 6.* - 7.* - 8.* which integrates smoothly with Laravel default users and auth system

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Thanks for everyone contributed to this project for over 6 years.


A simple helpdesk tickets system for Laravel 5.1+ (5.1 – 5.8 and 6.* - 7.* - 8.*) which integrates smoothly with Laravel default users and auth system. It will integrate into your current Laravel project within minutes, and you can offer your customers and your team a nice and simple support ticket system.


  1. Three main users roles users, agents, and admins
  2. Users can create tickets, keep track of their tickets status, giving comments, and close their own tickets (access permissions are configurable)
  3. Auto assigning agents to tickets, the system searches for agents in specific department and auto select the agent with lowest queue
  4. Simple admin panel
  5. Localization (Arabic, Brazilian Portuguese, Deutsch (German), English, Farsi, French, Hungarian, Italian, Persian, Russian, and Spanish language packs are included)
  6. Very simple installation and integration process
  7. Admin dashboard with statistics and performance tracking graphs
  8. Simple text editor for tickets descriptions and comments allows images upload

Full features list (12+) and screen shots

Quick installation

If you'd like to install Ticketit as a standalone app, use our quick installer. This is a Laravel application pre-configured to work with Ticketit. Using the quick installer minimises the efforts and knowledge about Laravel needed to install Ticketit.

However if you'd like to include Ticketit in your existing project, skip to the next section.

Installation (manual):


First Make sure you have got this Laravel setup working:

  1. Laravel 5.1+
  2. Users table
  3. Laravel email configuration
  4. Bootstrap 3, or Bootstrap 4
  5. Jquery

Dependents that are getting installed and configured automatically by Ticketit (no action required from you)

  1. LaravelCollective HTML
  2. Laravel Datatables
  3. HTML Purifier

Installation steps (4-8 minutes)

Step 1. Run this code via your terminal (1-2 minutes)

composer require 'kordy/ticketit:0.*'

Step 2. After install, you have to add this line on your config/app.php in Service Providers section (1-2 minutes).


Step 3. Check if App\User exists

Step 4. Make sure you have authentication set up. In 5.2+, you can use php artisan make:auth

Step 5. Setting up your master view for Ticketit integration (1-2 minutes)

Step 6. Register at least one user into the system and log it in.

Step 7. Go ahead to http://your-project-url/tickets-install to finalize the installation (1-2 minutes)

Default ticketit front route: http://your-project-url/tickets

Default ticketit admin route: http://your-project-url/tickets-admin


Make sure you have created at least one status, one prority, and one category before you start creating tickets.

If you move your installation folder to another path (or server), you need to update the row with slug='routes' in table ticketit_settings. After that, don't forget to flush the entire cache.

Upgrading to v0.4

After upgrading from 0.3.* to 0.4, visit url http://your-project-url/tickets-upgrade. This adds new rows to the config table automatically.


Ticketit Wiki


Review features requests, give your feedback, suggest features, report issues

Live Demo


Project contributors (the project heros):

Big thank you for all active people who took from their time to give their feedback and suggestions, they helped a lot to improve Ticketit for all of us.


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