PHP client for Kue priority job queue API

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Last update: 2024-06-10 20:25:52 UTC


Kue is a priority job queue backed by redis, built for node.js.

This package is a PHP client for Kue JSON API. It's tested with Kue version 0.10.3 and will be kept in sync with Kue changes on best effort basis.

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  • PHP 5.5


The preferred way to install this extension is through Composer.

Either run

composer require kop/php-kue-client "dev-master"

or add

"kop/php-kue-client": "dev-master"

to the require section of your composer.json file.


In order to connect to the Kue JSON API, all you need to do is to create an instance of \kop\kue\Client:

$client = new \kop\kue\Client('https://kue-dashboard.domain.com');

// Get Kue stats
$stats = $client->stats();

// Create a new Job
$response = $client->jobs()->create(
        'title' => 'welcome email for tj',
        'to' => 'tj@learnboost.com',
        'template' => 'welcome-email',
        'priority' => 'high',
$jobID = $response['id'];

// Get Job by it's ID
$job = $client->jobs()->get($jobID);

// Delete Job by it's ID

Supported API endpoints

This API client supports all endpoints exposed by Kue JSON API. The followings are methods that are used to map to this API endpoints:


This methods

  • stats() - Responds with state counts, and worker activity time in milliseconds;
  • jobs() - Returns commands that are related to Kue jobs.


This methods can be accessed via jobs() method of the \kop\kue\Client.

  • search($query) - Search jobs;
  • create($type, $data, $options = []) - Creates a new job;
  • get($id) - Returns a job by it's ID;
  • logs($id) - Returns job logs by job ID;
  • delete($id) - Deletes a job by it's ID.


This API client implements some additional features that are related to logging and errors handling. Please see the class source code for more details - it's well documented and should not cause any questions.



This project is released under the MIT License. See the bundled LICENSE.md for details.