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use Koine\EventManager\EventManager;

$eventManager = EventManager();

$eventManager->attach('MyApp\DomainEvents\UserRegistered', function ($event) {
    $user = $event->getUser();

    // send welcome email to user

The event


namespace MyApp\DomainEvents;

use MyApp\Entity\User;

class UserRegistered implements EventInterface
    private $user;

    public function __construct(User $user)
        $this->user = $user;

    public function getUser()
        return $this->user;

In the controller, service or anywhere else


namespace MyApp\Controller;

use MyApp\DomainEvents\UserRegistered;
use MyApp\Entity\User;

class UserRegistration extends BaseController
    public function createAction()
        $params = $this->getRequest()->getParams();

        $user = new User($params);

        // logic to create ommited

        $this->getEventManager()->trigger(new UserRegistered($user));

        // redirect or wathever


Installing Via Composer

Append the lib to your requirements key in your composer.json.

    // composer.json
    // [..]
    require: {
        // append this line to your requirements
        "koine/event-manager": "*"

Alternative install

Issues/Features proposals

Here is the issue tracker.