A simple static site generator.

v0.1.0 2014-02-21 10:10 UTC

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A simple static site generator.


Create composer.json for installing via composer.

      "require": {
          "kohkimakimoto/site-generator": "dev-master"

Run composer install command.

$ composer install


Run init command to create a basic directory structure and generator.yml.

$ php vendor/bin/site init

Created directory structure is the following

├── dest             # Root directory contains generated site resouces.
├── source           # Root directory contains source files of site.
│   ├── helpers      # Helpers contains PHP files are difined some user functions.
│   ├── layouts      # Layouts contains layout files.
│   ├── public       # Public is simply copied to dest directory.
│   └── views        # Views is processed to output files to dest directory.
└── generator.yml    # Main configuration file.

Run generate command to generate a static site from a source.

$ php vendor/bin/site generate

Also, you can run generate command with --watch and --server options in the development stage.

$ php vendor/bin/site generate --watch --server

If you use --server option, You can see the site at http://localhost:1234/.

If you want to clear the dest directory, you should run clear command.

$ php vendor/bin/site clear


  • Supporting to generate asset files.


It's inspired the following products.