Micro framework for RESTful apps

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Koded is a BSD-licensed open source project for building web apps with focus on RESTful APIs. It is designed to be between a library and framework, adoptable and easily scalable depending on different use case scenarios.


Built-in functionality:

  • Dependency Injection Container (PSR-11)
  • URI routing (with URI templates)
  • Middleware (PSR-15)
  • I18n support (because the world is multilingual)
  • and more
Package Status Description
container koded-container-status DI container library (PSR-11)
http koded-http-status HTTP library (PSR-7, 17, 18)
cache cache-simple-status Caching library (PSR-16)
session koded-session-status Session library
logging koded-logging-status Log facility (PSR-3)
i18n koded-i18n-status Internationalization (I18n) library


Read the docs at Koded Framework documentation page.

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