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console service provider for Silex

v2.2.0 2018-02-05 03:09 UTC

This package is not auto-updated.

Last update: 2022-10-06 23:30:37 UTC


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Provides a Symfony\Component\Console based console for Silex 2.x.


Add knplabs/console-service-provider to your composer.json and register the service provider:

composer require knplabs/console-service-provider
use Knp\Provider\ConsoleServiceProvider;

$app->register(new ConsoleServiceProvider());

You can now copy the console executable from the bin folder to whatever place you see fit, and tweak it to your needs.

You will need a way to fetch your silex application, the most common way is to return it from your bootstrap file:

use Knp\Provider\ConsoleServiceProvider;
use Silex\Application;

$app = new Application();

$app->register(new ConsoleServiceProvider());
$app->register(new SomeOtherServiceProvider());

return $app;

For the rest of this documentation, we will assume you do have a bin directory, so the console executable will be located at bin/console.


Use the console just like any Symfony\Component\Console based console:

$ bin/console my:command

or on Windows:

$ php bin/console my:command

Configuration parameters

Parameter Default Description (string) Silex console Name of your console application
console.version (string) UNKNOWN Version of your console application
console.project_directory (string) (auto-detected) Your project's directory path. The default value should work, assuming the provider is installed in vendor/knplabs/console-service-provider
console.class (string) Knp\Console\Application Class name of the console service
console.boot_in_constructor (bool) false Whether the console should boot Silex when loaded (set it to true if you depend on a bug that was fixed in 2.1)
console.command.ids (array) array() Console commands registered as services

Default commands

The service provider will register the following commands if the corresponding Symfony components are installed:

  • From symfony/twig-bridge, the lint:twig and debug:twig commands
  • From symfony/yaml, the lint:yaml command

Web-server-bundle support

The WebServerServiceProvider will register the commands provided by symfony/web-server-bundle.

$app = new Silex\Application();

$app->register(new Knp\Provider\ConsoleServiceProvider());
$app->register(new Knp\Provider\WebServerServiceProvider(), array(
    // Folder that contains your front controller/public files
    'web_server.document_root' => __DIR__.'/../public',

The server commands expect your front controller to be located in your document root and be called app_dev.php, app.php, index_dev.php or index.php.

For more information, please consult the Symfony documentation.