a toolset to build your own command line tools

0.3.0 2018-08-25 20:34 UTC


Knight23 is supposed be a small framework to build command line tools. Right now its in its infancy and not worth using. As this might not be clear enough, here again, in clear: DO NOT USE THIS YET, IT WILL CHANGE AND BREAK THINGS


  1. use knight23/skeleton to start your cli tool project OR add knight23/core to your project, and create the required files yourself (hint: create an new project with skeleton, and copy over what you need)

  2. make sure you register the default services required, as well as add those that your code needs

  3. make a bin/ file, which contains the runner as well as loads the commands of your application


at the moment there is no support. If you find bugs, problems, or have suggestions feel free to use github to make a ticket, but don't expect any fast answer.


you might not have understood the state of the project yet this is not to be used yet! Features WILL change.


MIT Style, see