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Broad variation of validation

2.6.3 2019-01-01 14:11 UTC

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composer require klapuch/validation


Single rule

(new EmptyRule())->satified('abc'); // false
(new EmptyRule())->satified(''); // true
(new EmptyRule())->apply('abc'); // \UnexpectedValueException - 'Subject is not empty'
(new FriendlyRule(new EmptyRule(), 'Not empty!'))->apply('abc'); // \UnexpectedValueException - 'Not empty!'

Chained rule

(new ChainedRule(
	new FriendlyRule(
		new NegateRule(new EmptyRule()),
		'Value can not be empty'
	new LengthRule(10),
	new PassiveRule, // it does nothing
	new EmailRule(),

The above code says that a value can not be empty, length of the value must be exact 10 characters and the value must be email.