PHP package to handle archives (.zip, .rar, .tar, .7z) or .pdf with hybrid solution (native/p7zip), designed to works with eBooks (.epub, .cbz, .cbr, .cb7, .cbt).

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PHP package to handle archives (.zip, .rar, .tar, .7z) or .pdf with hybrid solution (native/p7zip), designed to works with eBooks (.epub, .cbz, .cbr, .cb7, .cbt).

Supports Linux, macOS and Windows.


For some formats (.rar and .7z) rar PHP extension or p7zip binary could be necessary, see Requirements.


  • PHP version >= 8.1
  • PHP extensions:
    • zip (native, optional) for .ZIP, .EPUB, .CBZ archives
    • fileinfo (native, optional) for better file detection
    • rar (optional) for .RAR, .CBR archives
    • imagick (optional) for .PDF
    • bz2 (optional) for .BZ2 archives
Type Supported Requirement Uses
.zip, .epub, .cbz N/A Uses zip extension
.tar, .tar.gz, .cbt N/A Uses phar extension
.rar, .cbr rar PHP extension or p7zip binary PHP rar or p7zip
.7z, .cb7 p7zip binary p7zip binary
.pdf Optional (for extraction) imagick PHP extension smalot/pdfparser


Here you can read some installation guides for dependencies


  • On macOS, for .rar extract, you have to install rar binary to extract files, p7zip not support .rar extraction.
  • On Windows, for .pdf extract, imagick PHP extension have to work but my tests failed on this feature. So to extract PDF pages I advice to use WSL.

If you want more information, you can read section About.


  • List files as ArchiveItem array
    • With getFiles() method: list of files
    • With getFirst() method: first file
    • With getLast() method: last file
    • With find() method: find first file that match with path property
    • With filter() method: find all files that match with path property
  • Content of file
    • With getContents() method: content of file as string (useful for images)
    • With getText() method: content of text file (binaries files return null)
  • Extract files
    • With extract() method: extract files to directory
    • With extractAll() method: extract all files to directory
  • Stat of archive corresponding to stat
  • PDF metadata: getTitle(), getAuthor(), getSubject(), getCreator(), getCreationDate(), getModDate(), getPages(),
  • Count files
  • Create or edit archives, only with .zip format
    • With make() method: create or edit archive
    • With addFiles() method: add files to archive
    • With addFromString() method: add string to archive
    • With addDirectory() and addDirectories() methods: add directories to archive
    • With save() method: save archive


You can install the package via composer:

composer require kiwilan/php-archive


Read and extract

With archive file (.zip, .rar, .tar, .7z, epub, cbz, cbr, cb7, cbt, tar.gz, .pdf).

$archive = Archive::read('path/to/');

$files = $archive->getFiles(); // ArchiveItem[]
$count = $archive->getCount(); // int of files count

$images = $archive->filter('jpeg'); // ArchiveItem[] with `jpeg` in their path
$metadataXml = $archive->find('metadata.xml'); // First ArchiveItem with `metadata.xml` in their path
$content = $archive->getContents($metadataXml); // `metadata.xml` file content

$paths = $archive->extract('/path/to/directory', [$metadataXml]); // string[] of extracted files paths
$paths = $archive->extractAll('/path/to/directory'); // string[] of extracted files paths

PDF files works with same API than archives but with some differences.

$archive = Archive::read('path/to/file.pdf');

$pdf = $archive->getPdf(); // Metadata of PDF

$content = $archive->getContents($archive->getFirst()); // PDF page as image
$text = $archive->getText($archive->getFirst()); // PDF page as text


From stat PHP function:

Gives information about a file

$archive = Archive::read('path/to/');
$stat = $archive->stat();

$stat->getPath(); // Path of file
$stat->getDeviceNumber(); // Device number
$stat->getInodeNumber(); // Inode number
$stat->getInodeProtectionMode(); // Inode protection mode
$stat->getNumberOfLinks(); // Number of links
$stat->getUserId(); // User ID
$stat->getGroupId(); // Group ID
$stat->getDeviceType(); // Device type
$stat->getSize(); // Size of file
$stat->getLastAccessAt(); // Last access time
$stat->getCreatedAt(); // Creation time
$stat->getModifiedAt(); // Last modification time
$stat->getBlockSize(); // Block size
$stat->getNumberOfBlocks(); // Number of blocks
$stat->getStatus(); // Status


You can create archive with method Archive::make method.

Works only with .zip archives.

$archive = Archive::make('path/to/');
$files = [
    'path/to/file/in/archive-file1.txt' => 'path/to/real-file1.txt',
    'path/to/file/in/archive-file2.txt' => 'path/to/real-file2.txt',
    'path/to/file/in/archive-file3.txt' => 'path/to/real-file3.txt',

foreach ($files as $pathInArchive => $pathToRealFile) {
    $archive->addFile($pathInArchive, $pathToRealFile);
$archive->addFromString('test.txt', 'Hello World!');
$archive->addDirectory('./directory', 'path/to/directory');


You can edit archive with same method Archive::make method.

$archive = Archive::make('path/to/');
$archive->addFromString('test.txt', 'Hello World!');


composer test


This package was inspired by this excellent post on StackOverflow which make state of the art of PHP archive handling. The package Gemorroj/Archive7z was also a good source of inspiration cause it's the only package that handle .7z archives with wrapper of p7zip fork binary. But I would to handle all main archives formats with native PHP solution it possible, and use p7zip binary only if native solution is not available.

State of the art of PHP archive handling:

Type Is native Solution
ZIP Native
TAR Native
RAR rar or p7zip binary
7ZIP p7zip binary
PDF smalot/pdfparser

Why not full wrapper of p7zip binary?

This solution is used by Gemorroj/Archive7z, and it works well. But another problem is the usage of the p7zip fork which is not the official p7zip binary and can be difficult to install on some systems.

PHP can handle natively some archive formats, but not all. So I choose to use native PHP solution when it's possible, and use p7zip binary with official version when it's not possible.

Case of rar

The rar PHP extension is not installed by default on PHP, developers have to install it manually. This extension is not actively maintained and users could have some compilation problems. To install it with PHP 8.1 or 8.2, it's necessary to compile manually the extension, you could read this guide if you want to install it (for PHP 8.2, you will have a warning message but it's not a problem, the extension will work).

But rar PHP extension is a problem because it's not sure to have a compatibility with future PHP versions. So I choose to handle rar archives with p7zip binary if rar PHP extension is not installed.

Case of 7zip

PHP can't handle .7z archives natively, so I choose to use p7zip binary. You will have to install it on your system to use this package. You could read this guide if you want to install it.

Case of pdf

PHP can't handle .pdf archives natively, so I choose to use smalot/pdfparser package, embedded in this package. To extract pages as images, you have to install imagick extension you could read this guide if you want to install it.

eBooks and comics

This package can handle .epub, .cbz, .cbr, .cb7, .cbt archives, it's depends on the extension, check requirements section.





Please see CHANGELOG for more information on what has changed recently.



The MIT License (MIT). Please see License File for more information.