All kind of customizable forms.

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version 0.0.1


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This README covers basic information about this extension and special features of the implementation.


How do I create a form?

Create one or some folders in the TYPO3 page-tree for `Fields, Fieldsets, Steps, Forms, Constraints and (confirmation) Mails` to sender (user) and receiver (admin).

Begin with `Fields, Fieldsets, Steps and Mails **in this particularly order**. Then create the Form(s) and Constraints. Fields, Fieldsets, Steps and Mails can be used in _multiple_ Forms. Constraints are unique for one single Form and Field` combination.

How do i configure mail shipment?

Assign `Mail objects to the form`.

  • `MailToSenderConfirm` => Double-Opt-In Mail
  • `MailToSender` => Mail to the user at the end of the process (with or without Double-Opt-In)
  • `MailToReceiver` => Mail to the admin

Define SenderMail and -Name

Add an `input and email field tou your form and add a mandatory Constraint for the fields. While beeing logged in as a Backenduser in TYPO3 you can see badges with a number above mandatory input and email fields (see image below). Copy the numbers and put them to your form in the backend. Use the fields Field Sender Mail and/or Field Sender (First) Name`.

An example of two mandatory fields with numbered `badges`

What's in the code?


The `RenderController is the main Controller of kitt3n_form Extension for TYPO3 CMS. The RenderController injects needed Repositories and Services, renders validates and sends mails for session based multistep forms using Extbase models and Symfony components. Generally we make heavy use of Symfony components to create FormViews, FieldTypes and Validation`.


The `addFieldToForm() method contains slots to override Readonly and Hidden` field values (use e.g. in a career extension).

See example in `/ext_localconf.php and corresponding Classes/Slot/RenderControllerSlot.php`


Handles file uploads and generates `JSON, YAML and XML` files containing submitted field values.


Submitted values are stored in a `PHPSESSION. Symfony either creates an own session or uses an existing one if already open. All submitted fields are saved into the active session. Fieldnames / Session keys are standardized. For more detailed information take a look at the PatternService`.


`Kitt3nForm uses copied and renamed *.xlf files for validation/error messages. Symfony uses a different naming scheme validators.<language>.xlf` than Extbase.

In the files Symfony uses Numbers as `IDs. In the validation process it uses -- I think -- some kind of MD5 Hashes for it's error messages. The error messages itself can also contain placeholder e.g {{ placeholder }}` that have to be replaced in the Controller and/or Service.

<trans-unit id="1">
    <source>This value should be false.</source>
    <target>This value should be false.</target>

Example error message with Number as `ID`

We therefore assign these error message `Hashes to the corresponding IDs in our TranslationService`.

└── symfony
    └── validator
        └── Resources
            └── translations
                ├── af.validators.xlf
                ├── ar.validators.xlf
                ├── de.validators.xlf
                ├── validators.xlf
                ├── vi.validators.xlf
                ├── zh_CN.validators.xlf
                └── zh_TW.validators.xlf

File structure of customized Symfony `*.xlf files in Resources/Private/Language`


Add/Create `.htaccess (Deny from all) in StorageService` when initializing mail folders and/or when saving files.

Encrypt uploaded files (GnuPG, Private/Public Key encryption)

Encrypt `JSON, YAML and XML` files (GnuPG, Private/Public Key encryption)


Implement handling arguments/parameters from `third party extensions` (e.g. career).

Implement PDF generation in `StorageService`.

Remove unused variables in `constants.ts and setup.ts`.

Split Template into Partials for better maintainability.

Fix `MM configuration in all TCA` overrides.

## Add 

'foreign_table_where' => 
'AND  tx_kitt3nform_domain_model_<whatever>.sys_language_uid IN (-1,0) 
AND tx_kitt3nform_domain_model_<whatever>.deleted = 0 
AND tx_kitt3nform_domain_model_<whatever>.hidden = 0'

Implement more slots.

Implement more `FieldTypes e.g. Captcha, RadioButtons`.


Never use a form on a site without a SSL certificate because of the `DSGVO`.