Generates Laravel Migrations from an existing database

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Generate Laravel Migrations from an existing database, including indexes and foreign keys!

This package is cloned from and updated to support Laravel 5.6 and above, with a lot of feature improvements.

Supported Database

Currently, Generator support generate migrations from:

  • MySQL
  • PostgreSQL
  • SQL Server

Version Compatibility

Laravel Version
8.x 5.x
7.x 5.x
6.x 5.x
5.8.x 5.x
5.7.x 5.x
5.6.x 5.x
5.5 and below


The recommended way to install this is through composer:

composer require --dev "kitloong/laravel-migrations-generator"

Laravel Setup

Laravel will automatically register service provider for you.

Lumen Setup

Auto-discovery is not available in Lumen, you need some modification on bootstrap/app.php.

Enable facade

Uncomment the following line.


Register provider

Add following line into the Register Service Providers section.



To generate migrations from a database, you need to have your database setup in Laravel's config (config/database.php).

To create migrations for all the tables, run:

php artisan migrate:generate

You can specify the tables you wish to generate using:

php artisan migrate:generate --tables="table1,table2,table3,table4,table5"

You can also ignore tables with:

php artisan migrate:generate --ignore="table3,table4,table5"

Laravel Migrations Generator will first generate all the tables, columns and indexes, and afterwards setup all the foreign key constraints.

So make sure you include all the tables listed in the foreign keys so that they are present when the foreign keys are created.

You can also specify the connection name if you are not using your default connection with:

php artisan migrate:generate --connection="connection_name"

Squash migrations

By default, Generator will generate multiple migration files for each table.

You can squash all migrations into a single file with:

php artisan migrate:generate --squash


Run php artisan help migrate:generate for a list of options.

Options Description
-c, --connection[=CONNECTION] The database connection to use
-t, --tables[=TABLES] A list of Tables you wish to Generate Migrations for separated by a comma: users,posts,comments
-i, --ignore[=IGNORE] A list of Tables you wish to ignore, separated by a comma: users,posts,comments
-p, --path[=PATH] Where should the file be created?
-tp, --template-path[=TEMPLATE-PATH] The location of the template for this generator
--date[=DATE] Migrations will be created with specified date. Foreign keys will be created for specified time + 1 second. Date should be in format suitable for Carbon::parse
--table-filename[=TABLE-FILENAME] Define table migration filename, default pattern: [datetime_prefix]_create_[table]_table.php
--fk-filename[=FK-FILENAME] Define foreign key migration filename, default pattern: [datetime_prefix]_add_foreign_keys_to_[table]_table.php
--default-index-names Don't use db index names for migrations
--default-fk-names Don't use db foreign key names for migrations
--use-db-collation Follow db collations for migrations
--squash Generate all migrations into a single file

Thank You

Thanks to Bernhard Breytenbach for his great work. This package is cloned from

Thanks to Jeffrey Way for his amazing Laravel-4-Generators package. This package depends greatly on his work.




The Laravel Migrations Generator is open-sourced software licensed under the MIT license