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A general-purpose Communibase client for PHP projects, compatible with composer packaging-projects.

A connector may be constructed to do REST-calls on the Communibase API. The behaviour of this class should always Mimic the node.js-version, available at Github


The easiest way to install the connector is to use Composer and add the following to your project's composer.json file:

	"require": {
		"kingsquare/communibase-connector-php": "~1"

Now you should be able to install the package by updating your composer environment composer install
The connector is available and usable as follows:

require_once __DIR__ . '/../vendor/autoload.php'; // Autoload files using Composer autoload
use Communibase\Connector;

$cb = new Connector('<your api key here>');
$peopleNamedTim = $cb->search('Person', ['firstName' => 'Tim'], ['limit' => 5]);


"entityType" should be the Communibase Entitytype, e.g. "Person", "Invoice", etc. To see all the entity types your API key allows, see the API docs and insert your API key there.

"selectors" may be provided MongoDb style as array-definitions.

"params" is a key value store for e.g. fields, limit, page and/or sort . See API docs for more details. In addition to the nodeJS version of this parameter, the fields value may also be an array of fields. This will work more intuitively in PHP environments.

$cbc->search($entityType, $selector, $params): entity[];

$cbc->getAll($entityType, $params): entity[];

$cbc->getById($entityType, $id, $params, $version): entity;

$cbc->getByIds($entityType, $ids, $params): entity[];

$cbc->getId($entityType, $selector): string;

$cbc->getIds($entityType, $selector, $params): null|string[];

$cbc->getByRef($ref[, $parent]): entity

$cbc->getTemplate($entityType): array;

$cbc->getHistory($entityType, $id): array;

$cbc->update($entityType, $properties): responseData;

$cbc->destroy($entityType, $id): responseData;

$cbc->generateId(): string - Generate a new, fresh Communibase ID

//Use for Files only to get a string with the binary contents
$cbc->getBinary(id): string;

Whenever a function like getByIds() or getByIds() returns null, the property cbc->lastError should be available containing an error message


An entity is an associative array containing a key/value store of data in Communibase.


	'firstName' => 'Tim',
	'addresses' => [
			'street' => 'Breestraat'
		], ...

Error handling

The connector may throw an error when something goes wrong. Default error handling is as follows:

try {
	$person = $cbc->getById('Person', '_DOES_NOT_EXIST_');
} catch (\Communibase\Exception $e) {
	echo $e->getMessage();

A special type of error handling involves "Validity" errors for posted documents.

try {
	$person = $cbc->update('Person', [...]);
} catch (\Communibase\Exception $e) {
	//get an array of errors, per property:
	//	[
	//		[
	//			'field' => '<string>',
	//			'message' => '<string>'
	//		]
	//	]

Query Logging

It is also possible to add a query logger to the connector.

Stack query data for debug/dev purposes:

$connector->setQueryLogger(new DebugStack());

Query data available after run via $connector->getQueryLogger()->queries

Echo query for debug/dev purposes (handy for cli):

$connector->setQueryLogger(new EchoQueryLogger());

Echoes each query to the current output stream.

Create own query logging:

$connector->setQueryLogger(new MyOwnQueryLogger());

MyOwnQueryLogger implements QueryLogger and does something with the data.. possible db/api call

Contributions / Bugreports

If you're using this app and have questions and/or feedback, please file an issue on Github.
Also we welcome new features and code, so please don't hesitate to get that pull request online!


  • 2.3.0 Added version support

    Added version parameter to getById.
    getByIds now returns $ids parameter ordering unless provided otherwise.

  • 2.2.1 Bugfix

    Updated the fetchting of binary to work with the HOST header passing.

  • 2.2.0 Exceptions: gotta catch 'em all!

    We're building towards better exception handling and as such have moved all outside calls into a single method.
    This simplifies the logging and HOST-header modifications to a single location. This also prevents code duplication for the client calls.

  • 2.1.0 Dependency injection

    After the initial moving to Guzzle we decided to change the contstructor of the connector to allow injecting a client.
    This should help with testing the client etc.

    We've also updated the code to be PSR-2 compliant.

  • 2.0.0 Guzzlified

    This release includes the GuzzleHttp client for all communication with the communibase API. This also bumps the minimal
    PHP version to 5.5. (and thus drops support for earlier versions)

  • 1.0.0 Full on Communibase!

    This is the first 1.0 release of the communibase connector. We've been using it internally and as such have added a simple helper method getTemplate for quickly getting an empty entity from Communibase.
    There is still more work ahead since we plan to move to Guzzle to allow async calls to be made easily aswell as giving it a bit more OO polish (i.e. typecasting the results to their respective PHP equivilants i.e. DateTime objects if it's a Date-property in Communibase)
    Have fun and feel free to post any issues you may find!