iCalcreator is the PHP implementation of rfc2445/rfc5545 and rfc updates, management of calendar information

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is the PHP class package managing

iCal calendar information

rfc5545 - Internet Calendaring and Scheduling Core Object Specification (iCalendar)

rfc2445 - Internet Calendaring and Scheduling Core Object Specification (iCalendar)
rfc5870 - A Uniform Resource Identifier for Geographic Locations ('geo' URI)
rfc6321 - xCal: The XML Format for iCalendar
rfc6868 - Parameter Value Encoding in iCalendar and vCard
rfc7529 - Non-Gregorian Recurrence Rules in the Internet Calendaring and Scheduling Core Object Specification (iCalendar)
rfc7808 - Time Zone Data Distribution Service
rfc7953 - Calendar Availability
rfc7986 - New Properties for iCalendar
rfc9073 - Event Publishing Extensions to iCalendar
rfc9074 - VALARM Extensions for iCalendar

operating on calendar and calendar event, todo, journal, freebusy, participant, location, resource, availability and timezone data.

iCalcreator supports systems like

* calendars
* project management systems
* other applications...

Please review

  • demo for a short demo
  • releaseNotes for release brief overview,
  • docs/summary and docs/using for details.

For iCal json (JSCalendar, rfc8984) export and import, use


v2.41.x - v2.42 pre-release

v2.40 - stable PHP8

v2.39 - PHP7

To support the development, maintenance and test process PHPCompatibility, PHPStan and php-arguments-detector are included.


For support use Non-emergence support issues are, unless sponsored, fixed in due time.


Donations using buy me a coffee or paypal me are appreciated. For invoice, please e-mail.



From the Command Line:

composer require kigkonsult/icalcreator

In your composer.json:

    "require": {
        "kigkonsult/icalcreator": ">=2.40"

iCalcreator is licensed under the LGPLv3 License.