Manages semantic version numbers and compares them.

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A library for parsing and comparing semantic version numbers.


Please note that full qualified names are not used in the examples below. All references to interfaces, classes, and functions can be found in the namespace KHerGe\Version. Also note that the examples below do not demonstrate the complete abilities of the library. Please refer to the source files for more information.



For very simple use cases, you only need the parse() function.

use function KHerGe\Version\parse;

With this function, you can create a value object that represents an individual semantic version number. The value object is immutable, but convenience methods are available so that you can alter values and receive new value objects.

// Create a new value object.
$version = parse('1.2.3-alpha.1+20161004');

// Bump the patch number: 1.0.1
$patched = $version->incrementPatch();

// The original value object is unchanged.
echo $version; // 1.2.3-alpha.1+20161004

// But the patched version number has the change.
echo $patched; // 1.2.4


Simple comparisons can also be performed directly on the value objects.

if ($patched->isGreaterThan($version)) {
    // $patched is greater than $version


While, the parse() function throws a InvalidStringRepresentationException for invalid string representations of a semantic version number, you can still check yourself by using the is_valid() function.

use function KHerGe\Version\is_valid;

$version = '1.2.3-alpha.1+20161004';

if (is_valid($version)) {
    // $version is valid



The library will work on any implementation of VersionInterface but provides a Version implementation that includes a lot of extra methods for convenience.

$version = new Version(

    // major

    // minor

    // patch

    // pre-release
    ['a', 'b', 'c'],

    // build
    ['x', 'y', 'z']



If you need to use your own implementation of VersionInterface, the library provides a function to parse the components of a string representation so that you won't have to.

use function KHerGe\Version\parse_components;

$components = parse_components('1.2.3-alpha.1+20161004');

The result of parse_components() can be used to create a new instance that implements VersionInterface. This function performs its own validation, so checking with is_valid() will be redundant.

$components = [
    'major' => 1,
    'minor' => 2,
    'patch' => 3,
    'pre-release' => ['alpha', '1'],
    'build' => ['20161004']


The library contains a set of pre-made constraints, all of which implement ConstraintInterface. These constraints can be mixed and matched in order to perform far more complex comparison operations than by using the constraints on their own.

use KHerGe\Version\Compare\Constraint\AndX;
use KHerGe\Version\Compare\Constraint\EqualTo;
use KHerGe\Version\Compare\Constraint\GreaterThan;
use KHerGe\Version\Compare\Constraint\LessThan;
use KHerGe\Version\Compare\Constraint\OrX;

use function KHerGe\Version\parse;

// Match any of the following constraints.
$constraint = new OrX(
        // Match all of the following constraints.
        new AndX(
                // Must be greater than "0.2.3".
                new GreaterThan(parse('0.2.3')),

                // Must be less than "0.4.4".
                new LessThan(parse('0.4.4')),

        // Match exactly "0.4.5".
        new EqualTo(parse('0.4.5'))

// Verify that the version meets the constraints.
$version = parse('0.4.0');

if ($constraint->allows($version)) {
    // $version is allowed


  • PHP 7.0 or greater


To install, you will need to use Composer.

composer require kherge/semver


Released under both MIT and Apache 2.0.