Manages strict read and write operations.

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File Manager

Manages strict read and write operations for files and file streams.


use KHerGe\File\File;

// Create a new file manager.
$file = new File('example.txt', 'r');

// Iterate through the contents of the file.
foreach ($file->iterate() as $buffer) {
    // ...


Add as a dependency to a Composer managed project.

composer require kherge/file-manager


Please refer to FileInterface for documentation.

use KHerGe\File\File;
use KHerGe\File\Memory;
use KHerGe\File\Stream;

// Create a manager for a file.
$manager = new File('example.txt', 'r');

// Create a manager for a string.
$manager = new Memory('example contents', false);

// Create a manager for a file stream.
$manager = new Stream($stream);


File Manager is dual licensed under MIT and Apache 2.0.