A Symfony Console component helper and command set for updating and upgrading applications.

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3.0.4 2014-11-05 15:29 UTC


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Integrates Phar Update to Symfony Console.


Uses the Phar Update library to:

  1. check for newer versions of the Phar
  2. download the Phar
    • verify download by SHA1 checksum, and public key if available
  3. replace running Phar with downloaded update


Add it to your list of Composer dependencies:

$ composer require kherge/amend=3.*



use KevinGH\Amend\Command;
use KevinGH\Amend\Helper;
use Symfony\Component\Console\Application;

$command = new Command('update');

$app = new Application();
$app->getHelperSet()->set(new Helper());