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The Looker API uses Looker API3 credentials for authorization and access control. Looker admins can create API3 credentials on Looker's Admin/Users page. Pass API3 credentials to the _/login endpoint to obtain a temporary access_token. Include that access_token in the Authorization header of Looker API requests. For details, see Looker API Authorization

Client SDKs

The Looker API is a RESTful system that should be usable by any programming language capable of making HTTPS requests. Client SDKs for a variety of programming languages can be generated from the Looker API's Swagger JSON metadata to streamline use of the Looker API in your applications. A client SDK for Ruby is available as an example. For more information, see Looker API Client SDKs

Try It Out!

The 'api-docs' page served by the Looker instance includes 'Try It Out!' buttons for each API method. After logging in with API3 credentials, you can use the "Try It Out!" buttons to call the API directly from the documentation page to interactively explore API features and responses. Note! With great power comes great responsibility: The "Try It Out!" button makes API calls to your live Looker instance. Be especially careful with destructive API operations such as delete_user or similar. There is no "undo" for API operations.


Future releases of Looker will expand this API release-by-release to securely expose more and more of the core power of Looker to API client applications. API endpoints marked as "beta" may receive breaking changes without warning (but we will try to avoid doing that). Stable (non-beta) API endpoints should not receive breaking changes in future releases. For more information, see Looker API Versioning

In This Release

This API 3.1 is in active development. This is where support for new Looker features will appear as non-breaking additions - new functions, new optional parameters on existing functions, or new optional properties in existing types. Additive changes should not impact your existing application code that calls the Looker API. Your existing application code will not be aware of any new Looker API functionality until you choose to upgrade your app to use a newer Looker API client SDK release. The following are a few examples of noteworthy items that have changed between API 3.0 and API 3.1. For more comprehensive coverage of API changes, please see the release notes for your Looker release.

Examples of new things added in API 3.1 (compared to API 3.0):

Deprecated in API 3.0

The following functions and properties have been deprecated in API 3.0. They continue to exist and work in API 3.0 for the next several Looker releases but they have not been carried forward to API 3.1:

  • Dashboard Prefetch functions * User access_filter functions * User API 1.0 credentials functions * Space.is_root and Space.is_user_root properties. Use Space.is_shared_root and Space.is_users_root instead.

Semantic changes in API 3.1:

  • all_looks() no longer includes soft-deleted looks, matching all_dashboards() behavior. You can find soft-deleted looks using search_looks() with the deleted param set to True. * all_spaces() no longer includes duplicate items * search_users() no longer accepts Y,y,1,0,N,n for Boolean params, only "true" and "false". * For greater client and network compatibility, render_task_results now returns HTTP status 202 Accepted instead of HTTP status 102 Processing * all_running_queries() and kill_query functions have moved into the Query function group. If you have application code which relies on the old behavior of the APIs above, you may continue using the API 3.0 functions in this Looker release. We strongly suggest you update your code to use API 3.1 analogs as soon as possible.

This PHP package is automatically generated by the Swagger Codegen project:

  • API version: 3.1.0
  • Build package: io.swagger.codegen.languages.PhpClientCodegen For more information, please visit


PHP 5.5 and later

Installation & Usage


To install the bindings via Composer, add the following to composer.json:

  "repositories": [
      "type": "git",
      "url": ""
  "require": {
    "keboola/looker-api": "*@dev"

Then run composer install

Manual Installation

Download the files and include autoload.php:



To run the unit tests:

composer install

Getting Started

Please follow the installation procedure and then run the following:

require_once(__DIR__ . '/vendor/autoload.php');

$apiInstance = new Swagger\Client\Api\ApiAuthApi(
    // If you want use custom http client, pass your client which implements `GuzzleHttp\ClientInterface`.
    // This is optional, `GuzzleHttp\Client` will be used as default.
    new GuzzleHttp\Client()
$client_id = "client_id_example"; // string | client_id part of API3 Key.
$client_secret = "client_secret_example"; // string | client_secret part of API3 Key.

try {
    $result = $apiInstance->login($client_id, $client_secret);
} catch (Exception $e) {
    echo 'Exception when calling ApiAuthApi->login: ', $e->getMessage(), PHP_EOL;


Documentation for API Endpoints

All URIs are relative to

Class Method HTTP request Description
ApiAuthApi login POST /login Login
ApiAuthApi loginUser POST /login/{user_id} Login user
ApiAuthApi logout DELETE /logout Logout
AuthApi allUserLoginLockouts GET /user_login_lockouts Get All User Login Lockouts
AuthApi createOidcTestConfig POST /oidc_test_configs Create OIDC Test Configuration
AuthApi createSamlTestConfig POST /saml_test_configs Create SAML Test Configuration
AuthApi deleteOidcTestConfig DELETE /oidc_test_configs/{test_slug} Delete OIDC Test Configuration
AuthApi deleteSamlTestConfig DELETE /saml_test_configs/{test_slug} Delete SAML Test Configuration
AuthApi deleteUserLoginLockout DELETE /user_login_lockout/{key} Delete User Login Lockout
AuthApi fetchAndParseSamlIdpMetadata POST /fetch_and_parse_saml_idp_metadata Parse SAML IdP Url
AuthApi forcePasswordResetAtNextLoginForAllUsers PUT /password_config/force_password_reset_at_next_login_for_all_users Force password reset
AuthApi ldapConfig GET /ldap_config Get LDAP Configuration
AuthApi oidcConfig GET /oidc_config Get OIDC Configuration
AuthApi oidcTestConfig GET /oidc_test_configs/{test_slug} Get OIDC Test Configuration
AuthApi parseSamlIdpMetadata POST /parse_saml_idp_metadata Parse SAML IdP XML
AuthApi passwordConfig GET /password_config Get Password Config
AuthApi samlConfig GET /saml_config Get SAML Configuration
AuthApi samlTestConfig GET /saml_test_configs/{test_slug} Get SAML Test Configuration
AuthApi searchUserLoginLockouts GET /user_login_lockouts/search Search User Login Lockouts
AuthApi sessionConfig GET /session_config Get Session Config
AuthApi testLdapConfigAuth PUT /ldap_config/test_auth Test LDAP Auth
AuthApi testLdapConfigConnection PUT /ldap_config/test_connection Test LDAP Connection
AuthApi testLdapConfigUserAuth PUT /ldap_config/test_user_auth Test LDAP User Auth
AuthApi testLdapConfigUserInfo PUT /ldap_config/test_user_info Test LDAP User Info
AuthApi updateLdapConfig PATCH /ldap_config Update LDAP Configuration
AuthApi updateOidcConfig PATCH /oidc_config Update OIDC Configuration
AuthApi updatePasswordConfig PATCH /password_config Update Password Config
AuthApi updateSamlConfig PATCH /saml_config Update SAML Configuration
AuthApi updateSessionConfig PATCH /session_config Update Session Config
ColorCollectionApi allColorCollections GET /color_collections Get all Color Collections
ColorCollectionApi colorCollection GET /color_collections/{collection_id} Get Color Collection by ID
ColorCollectionApi colorCollectionsCustom GET /color_collections/custom Get all Custom Color Collections
ColorCollectionApi colorCollectionsStandard GET /color_collections/standard Get all Standard Color Collections
ColorCollectionApi createColorCollection POST /color_collections Create ColorCollection
ColorCollectionApi defaultColorCollection GET /color_collections/default Get Default Color Collection
ColorCollectionApi deleteColorCollection DELETE /color_collections/{collection_id} Delete ColorCollection
ColorCollectionApi setDefaultColorCollection PUT /color_collections/default Set Default Color Collection
ColorCollectionApi updateColorCollection PATCH /color_collections/{collection_id} Update Custom Color collection
ConfigApi allLegacyFeatures GET /legacy_features Get All Legacy Features
ConfigApi allLocales GET /locales Get All Locales
ConfigApi allTimezones GET /timezones Get All Timezones
ConfigApi backupConfiguration GET /backup_configuration Get Backup Configuration
ConfigApi internalHelpResources GET /internal_help_resources_enabled Get Internal Help Resources
ConfigApi internalHelpResourcesContent GET /internal_help_resources_content Get Internal Help Resources Content
ConfigApi legacyFeature GET /legacy_features/{legacy_feature_id} Get Legacy Feature
ConfigApi updateBackupConfiguration PATCH /backup_configuration Update Backup Configuration
ConfigApi updateInternalHelpResources PATCH /internal_help_resources Update internal help resources configuration
ConfigApi updateInternalHelpResourcesContent PATCH /internal_help_resources_content Update internal help resources content
ConfigApi updateLegacyFeature PATCH /legacy_features/{legacy_feature_id} Update Legacy Feature
ConfigApi updateWhitelabelConfiguration PUT /whitelabel_configuration Update Whitelabel configuration
ConfigApi versions GET /versions Get ApiVersion
ConfigApi whitelabelConfiguration GET /whitelabel_configuration Get Whitelabel configuration
ConnectionApi allConnections GET /connections Get All Connections
ConnectionApi allDialectInfos GET /dialect_info Get All Dialect Infos
ConnectionApi connection GET /connections/{connection_name} Get Connection
ConnectionApi createConnection POST /connections Create Connection
ConnectionApi deleteConnection DELETE /connections/{connection_name} Delete Connection
ConnectionApi deleteConnectionOverride DELETE /connections/{connection_name}/connection_override/{override_context} Delete Connection Override
ConnectionApi testConnection PUT /connections/{connection_name}/test Test Connection
ConnectionApi testConnectionConfig PUT /connections/test Test Connection Configuration
ConnectionApi updateConnection PATCH /connections/{connection_name} Update Connection
ContentApi allContentMetadataAccesses GET /content_metadata_access Get All Content Metadata Accesses
ContentApi allContentMetadatas GET /content_metadata Get All Content Metadatas
ContentApi contentFavorite GET /content_favorite/{content_favorite_id} Get Favorite Content
ContentApi contentMetadata GET /content_metadata/{content_metadata_id} Get Content Metadata
ContentApi contentValidation GET /content_validation Validate Content
ContentApi createContentFavorite POST /content_favorite Create Favorite Content
ContentApi createContentMetadataAccess POST /content_metadata_access Create Content Metadata Access
ContentApi deleteContentFavorite DELETE /content_favorite/{content_favorite_id} Delete Favorite Content
ContentApi deleteContentMetadataAccess DELETE /content_metadata_access/{content_metadata_access_id} Delete Content Metadata Access
ContentApi searchContentFavorites GET /content_favorite/search Search Favorite Contents
ContentApi searchContentViews GET /content_view/search Search Content Views
ContentApi updateContentMetadata PATCH /content_metadata/{content_metadata_id} Update Content Metadata
ContentApi updateContentMetadataAccess PUT /content_metadata_access/{content_metadata_access_id} Update Content Metadata Access
DashboardApi allDashboards GET /dashboards Get All Dashboards
DashboardApi createDashboard POST /dashboards Create Dashboard
DashboardApi createDashboardElement POST /dashboard_elements Create DashboardElement
DashboardApi createDashboardFilter POST /dashboard_filters Create Dashboard Filter
DashboardApi createDashboardLayout POST /dashboard_layouts Create DashboardLayout
DashboardApi dashboard GET /dashboards/{dashboard_id} Get Dashboard
DashboardApi dashboardDashboardElements GET /dashboards/{dashboard_id}/dashboard_elements Get All DashboardElements
DashboardApi dashboardDashboardFilters GET /dashboards/{dashboard_id}/dashboard_filters Get All Dashboard Filters
DashboardApi dashboardDashboardLayouts GET /dashboards/{dashboard_id}/dashboard_layouts Get All DashboardLayouts
DashboardApi dashboardElement GET /dashboard_elements/{dashboard_element_id} Get DashboardElement
DashboardApi dashboardFilter GET /dashboard_filters/{dashboard_filter_id} Get Dashboard Filter
DashboardApi dashboardLayout GET /dashboard_layouts/{dashboard_layout_id} Get DashboardLayout
DashboardApi dashboardLayoutComponent GET /dashboard_layout_components/{dashboard_layout_component_id} Get DashboardLayoutComponent
DashboardApi dashboardLayoutDashboardLayoutComponents GET /dashboard_layouts/{dashboard_layout_id}/dashboard_layout_components Get All DashboardLayoutComponents
DashboardApi deleteDashboard DELETE /dashboards/{dashboard_id} Delete Dashboard
DashboardApi deleteDashboardElement DELETE /dashboard_elements/{dashboard_element_id} Delete DashboardElement
DashboardApi deleteDashboardFilter DELETE /dashboard_filters/{dashboard_filter_id} Delete Dashboard Filter
DashboardApi deleteDashboardLayout DELETE /dashboard_layouts/{dashboard_layout_id} Delete DashboardLayout
DashboardApi importLookmlDashboard POST /dashboards/{lookml_dashboard_id}/import/{space_id} Import LookML Dashboard
DashboardApi searchDashboardElements GET /dashboard_elements/search Search Dashboard Elements
DashboardApi searchDashboards GET /dashboards/search Search Dashboards
DashboardApi syncLookmlDashboard PATCH /dashboards/{lookml_dashboard_id}/sync Sync LookML Dashboard
DashboardApi updateDashboard PATCH /dashboards/{dashboard_id} Update Dashboard
DashboardApi updateDashboardElement PATCH /dashboard_elements/{dashboard_element_id} Update DashboardElement
DashboardApi updateDashboardFilter PATCH /dashboard_filters/{dashboard_filter_id} Update Dashboard Filter
DashboardApi updateDashboardLayout PATCH /dashboard_layouts/{dashboard_layout_id} Update DashboardLayout
DashboardApi updateDashboardLayoutComponent PATCH /dashboard_layout_components/{dashboard_layout_component_id} Update DashboardLayoutComponent
DataActionApi fetchRemoteDataActionForm POST /data_actions/form Fetch Remote Data Action Form
DataActionApi performDataAction POST /data_actions Send a Data Action
DatagroupApi allDatagroups GET /datagroups Get All Datagroups
DatagroupApi datagroup GET /datagroups/{datagroup_id} Get Datagroup
DatagroupApi updateDatagroup PATCH /datagroups/{datagroup_id} Update Datagroup
FolderApi allFolders GET /folders Get All Folders
FolderApi createFolder POST /folders Create Folder
FolderApi deleteFolder DELETE /folders/{folder_id} Delete Folder
FolderApi folder GET /folders/{folder_id} Get Folder
FolderApi folderAncestors GET /folders/{folder_id}/ancestors Get Folder Ancestors
FolderApi folderChildren GET /folders/{folder_id}/children Get Folder Children
FolderApi folderChildrenSearch GET /folders/{folder_id}/children/search Search Folder Children
FolderApi folderDashboards GET /folders/{folder_id}/dashboards Get Folder Dashboards
FolderApi folderLooks GET /folders/{folder_id}/looks Get Folder Looks
FolderApi folderParent GET /folders/{folder_id}/parent Get Folder Parent
FolderApi searchFolders GET /folders/search Search Folders
FolderApi updateFolder PATCH /folders/{folder_id} Update Folder
GroupApi addGroupGroup POST /groups/{group_id}/groups Add a Group to Group
GroupApi addGroupUser POST /groups/{group_id}/users Add a User to Group
GroupApi allGroupGroups GET /groups/{group_id}/groups Get All Groups in Group
GroupApi allGroupUsers GET /groups/{group_id}/users Get All Users in Group
GroupApi allGroups GET /groups Get All Groups
GroupApi createGroup POST /groups Create Group
GroupApi deleteGroup DELETE /groups/{group_id} Delete Group
GroupApi deleteGroupFromGroup DELETE /groups/{group_id}/groups/{deleting_group_id} Deletes a Group from Group
GroupApi deleteGroupUser DELETE /groups/{group_id}/users/{user_id} Remove a User from Group
GroupApi deleteUserAttributeGroupValue DELETE /groups/{group_id}/attribute_values/{user_attribute_id} Delete User Attribute Group Value
GroupApi group GET /groups/{group_id} Get Group
GroupApi updateGroup PATCH /groups/{group_id} Update Group
GroupApi updateUserAttributeGroupValue PATCH /groups/{group_id}/attribute_values/{user_attribute_id} Set User Attribute Group Value
HomepageApi allHomepageItems GET /homepage_items Get All Homepage Items
HomepageApi allHomepageSections GET /homepage_sections Get All Homepage sections
HomepageApi allHomepages GET /homepages Get All Homepages
HomepageApi createHomepage POST /homepages Create Homepage
HomepageApi createHomepageItem POST /homepage_items Create Homepage Item
HomepageApi createHomepageSection POST /homepage_sections Create Homepage section
HomepageApi deleteHomepage DELETE /homepages/{homepage_id} Delete Homepage
HomepageApi deleteHomepageItem DELETE /homepage_items/{homepage_item_id} Delete Homepage Item
HomepageApi deleteHomepageSection DELETE /homepage_sections/{homepage_section_id} Delete Homepage section
HomepageApi homepage GET /homepages/{homepage_id} Get Homepage
HomepageApi homepageItem GET /homepage_items/{homepage_item_id} Get Homepage Item
HomepageApi homepageSection GET /homepage_sections/{homepage_section_id} Get Homepage section
HomepageApi searchHomepages GET /homepages/search Search Homepages
HomepageApi updateHomepage PATCH /homepages/{homepage_id} Update Homepage
HomepageApi updateHomepageItem PATCH /homepage_items/{homepage_item_id} Update Homepage Item
HomepageApi updateHomepageSection PATCH /homepage_sections/{homepage_section_id} Update Homepage section
IntegrationApi acceptIntegrationHubLegalAgreement POST /integration_hubs/{integration_hub_id}/accept_legal_agreement Accept Integration Hub Legal Agreement
IntegrationApi allIntegrationHubs GET /integration_hubs Get All Integration Hubs
IntegrationApi allIntegrations GET /integrations Get All Integrations
IntegrationApi createIntegrationHub POST /integration_hubs Create Integration Hub
IntegrationApi deleteIntegrationHub DELETE /integration_hubs/{integration_hub_id} Delete Integration Hub
IntegrationApi fetchIntegrationForm POST /integrations/{integration_id}/form Fetch Remote Integration Form
IntegrationApi integration GET /integrations/{integration_id} Get Integration
IntegrationApi integrationHub GET /integration_hubs/{integration_hub_id} Get Integration Hub
IntegrationApi testIntegration POST /integrations/{integration_id}/test Test integration
IntegrationApi updateIntegration PATCH /integrations/{integration_id} Update Integration
IntegrationApi updateIntegrationHub PATCH /integration_hubs/{integration_hub_id} Update Integration Hub
LookApi allLooks GET /looks Get All Looks
LookApi createLook POST /looks Create Look
LookApi deleteLook DELETE /looks/{look_id} Delete Look
LookApi look GET /looks/{look_id} Get Look
LookApi runLook GET /looks/{look_id}/run/{result_format} Run Look
LookApi searchLooks GET /looks/search Search Looks
LookApi updateLook PATCH /looks/{look_id} Update Look
LookmlModelApi allLookmlModels GET /lookml_models Get All LookML Models
LookmlModelApi createLookmlModel POST /lookml_models Create LookML Model
LookmlModelApi deleteLookmlModel DELETE /lookml_models/{lookml_model_name} Delete LookML Model
LookmlModelApi lookmlModel GET /lookml_models/{lookml_model_name} Get LookML Model
LookmlModelApi lookmlModelExplore GET /lookml_models/{lookml_model_name}/explores/{explore_name} Get LookML Model Explore
LookmlModelApi updateLookmlModel PATCH /lookml_models/{lookml_model_name} Update LookML Model
ProjectApi allGitBranches GET /projects/{project_id}/git_branches Get All Git Branches
ProjectApi allGitConnectionTests GET /projects/{project_id}/git_connection_tests Get All Git Connection Tests
ProjectApi allLookmlTests GET /projects/{project_id}/lookml_tests Get All LookML Tests
ProjectApi allProjectFiles GET /projects/{project_id}/files Get All Project Files
ProjectApi allProjects GET /projects Get All Projects
ProjectApi createGitBranch POST /projects/{project_id}/git_branch Checkout New Git Branch
ProjectApi createGitDeployKey POST /projects/{project_id}/git/deploy_key Create Deploy Key
ProjectApi createProject POST /projects Create Project
ProjectApi deleteGitBranch DELETE /projects/{project_id}/git_branch/{branch_name} Delete a Git Branch
ProjectApi deleteRepositoryCredential DELETE /projects/{root_project_id}/credential/{credential_id} Delete Repository Credential
ProjectApi deployToProduction POST /projects/{project_id}/deploy_to_production Deploy To Production
ProjectApi findGitBranch GET /projects/{project_id}/git_branch/{branch_name} Find a Git Branch
ProjectApi getAllRepositoryCredentials GET /projects/{root_project_id}/credentials Get All Repository Credentials
ProjectApi gitBranch GET /projects/{project_id}/git_branch Get Active Git Branch
ProjectApi gitDeployKey GET /projects/{project_id}/git/deploy_key Git Deploy Key
ProjectApi manifest GET /projects/{project_id}/manifest Get Manifest
ProjectApi project GET /projects/{project_id} Get Project
ProjectApi projectFile GET /projects/{project_id}/files/file Get Project File
ProjectApi projectValidationResults GET /projects/{project_id}/validate Cached Project Validation Results
ProjectApi projectWorkspace GET /projects/{project_id}/current_workspace Get Project Workspace
ProjectApi resetProjectToProduction POST /projects/{project_id}/reset_to_production Reset To Production
ProjectApi resetProjectToRemote POST /projects/{project_id}/reset_to_remote Reset To Remote
ProjectApi runGitConnectionTest GET /projects/{project_id}/git_connection_tests/{test_id} Run Git Connection Test
ProjectApi runLookmlTest GET /projects/{project_id}/lookml_tests/run Run LookML Test
ProjectApi updateGitBranch PUT /projects/{project_id}/git_branch Update Project Git Branch
ProjectApi updateProject PATCH /projects/{project_id} Update Project
ProjectApi updateRepositoryCredential PUT /projects/{root_project_id}/credential/{credential_id} Create Repository Credential
ProjectApi validateProject POST /projects/{project_id}/validate Validate Project
QueryApi allRunningQueries GET /running_queries Get All Running Queries
QueryApi createMergeQuery POST /merge_queries Create Merge Query
QueryApi createQuery POST /queries Create Query
QueryApi createQueryTask POST /query_tasks Run Query Async
QueryApi createSqlQuery POST /sql_queries Create SQL Runner Query
QueryApi killQuery DELETE /running_queries/{query_task_id} Kill Running Query
QueryApi mergeQuery GET /merge_queries/{merge_query_id} Get Merge Query
QueryApi query GET /queries/{query_id} Get Query
QueryApi queryForSlug GET /queries/slug/{slug} Get Query for Slug
QueryApi queryTask GET /query_tasks/{query_task_id} Get Async Query Info
QueryApi queryTaskMultiResults GET /query_tasks/multi_results Get Multiple Async Query Results
QueryApi queryTaskResults GET /query_tasks/{query_task_id}/results Get Async Query Results
QueryApi runInlineQuery POST /queries/run/{result_format} Run Inline Query
QueryApi runQuery GET /queries/{query_id}/run/{result_format} Run Query
QueryApi runSqlQuery POST /sql_queries/{slug}/run/{result_format} Run SQL Runner Query
QueryApi runUrlEncodedQuery GET /queries/models/{model_name}/views/{view_name}/run/{result_format} Run Url Encoded Query
QueryApi sqlQuery GET /sql_queries/{slug} Get SQL Runner Query
RenderTaskApi createDashboardRenderTask POST /render_tasks/dashboards/{dashboard_id}/{result_format} Create Dashboard Render Task
RenderTaskApi createLookRenderTask POST /render_tasks/looks/{look_id}/{result_format} Create Look Render Task
RenderTaskApi createLookmlDashboardRenderTask POST /render_tasks/lookml_dashboards/{dashboard_id}/{result_format} Create Lookml Dashboard Render Task
RenderTaskApi createQueryRenderTask POST /render_tasks/queries/{query_id}/{result_format} Create Query Render Task
RenderTaskApi renderTask GET /render_tasks/{render_task_id} Get Render Task
RenderTaskApi renderTaskResults GET /render_tasks/{render_task_id}/results Render Task Results
RoleApi allModelSets GET /model_sets Get All Model Sets
RoleApi allPermissionSets GET /permission_sets Get All Permission Sets
RoleApi allPermissions GET /permissions Get All Permissions
RoleApi allRoles GET /roles Get All Roles
RoleApi createModelSet POST /model_sets Create Model Set
RoleApi createPermissionSet POST /permission_sets Create Permission Set
RoleApi createRole POST /roles Create Role
RoleApi deleteModelSet DELETE /model_sets/{model_set_id} Delete Model Set
RoleApi deletePermissionSet DELETE /permission_sets/{permission_set_id} Delete Permission Set
RoleApi deleteRole DELETE /roles/{role_id} Delete Role
RoleApi modelSet GET /model_sets/{model_set_id} Get Model Set
RoleApi permissionSet GET /permission_sets/{permission_set_id} Get Permission Set
RoleApi role GET /roles/{role_id} Get Role
RoleApi roleGroups GET /roles/{role_id}/groups Get Role Groups
RoleApi roleUsers GET /roles/{role_id}/users Get Role Users
RoleApi setRoleGroups PUT /roles/{role_id}/groups Update Role Groups
RoleApi setRoleUsers PUT /roles/{role_id}/users Update Role Users
RoleApi updateModelSet PATCH /model_sets/{model_set_id} Update Model Set
RoleApi updatePermissionSet PATCH /permission_sets/{permission_set_id} Update Permission Set
RoleApi updateRole PATCH /roles/{role_id} Update Role
ScheduledPlanApi allScheduledPlans GET /scheduled_plans Get All Scheduled Plans
ScheduledPlanApi createScheduledPlan POST /scheduled_plans Create Scheduled Plan
ScheduledPlanApi deleteScheduledPlan DELETE /scheduled_plans/{scheduled_plan_id} Delete Scheduled Plan
ScheduledPlanApi scheduledPlan GET /scheduled_plans/{scheduled_plan_id} Get Scheduled Plan
ScheduledPlanApi scheduledPlanRunOnce POST /scheduled_plans/run_once Run Scheduled Plan Once
ScheduledPlanApi scheduledPlansForDashboard GET /scheduled_plans/dashboard/{dashboard_id} Scheduled Plans for Dashboard
ScheduledPlanApi scheduledPlansForLook GET /scheduled_plans/look/{look_id} Scheduled Plans for Look
ScheduledPlanApi scheduledPlansForLookmlDashboard GET /scheduled_plans/lookml_dashboard/{lookml_dashboard_id} Scheduled Plans for LookML Dashboard
ScheduledPlanApi scheduledPlansForSpace GET /scheduled_plans/space/{space_id} Scheduled Plans for Space
ScheduledPlanApi updateScheduledPlan PATCH /scheduled_plans/{scheduled_plan_id} Update Scheduled Plan
SessionApi session GET /session Get Session
SessionApi updateSession PATCH /session Update Session
SpaceApi allSpaces GET /spaces Get All Spaces
SpaceApi createSpace POST /spaces Create Space
SpaceApi deleteSpace DELETE /spaces/{space_id} Delete Space
SpaceApi searchSpaces GET /spaces/search Search Spaces
SpaceApi space GET /spaces/{space_id} Get Space
SpaceApi spaceAncestors GET /spaces/{space_id}/ancestors Get Space Ancestors
SpaceApi spaceChildren GET /spaces/{space_id}/children Get Space Children
SpaceApi spaceChildrenSearch GET /spaces/{space_id}/children/search Search Space Children
SpaceApi spaceDashboards GET /spaces/{space_id}/dashboards Get Space Dashboards
SpaceApi spaceLooks GET /spaces/{space_id}/looks Get Space Looks
SpaceApi spaceParent GET /spaces/{space_id}/parent Get Space Parent
SpaceApi updateSpace PATCH /spaces/{space_id} Update Space
ThemeApi activeThemes GET /themes/active Get Active Themes
ThemeApi allThemes GET /themes Get All Themes
ThemeApi createTheme POST /themes Create Theme
ThemeApi defaultTheme GET /themes/default Get Default Theme
ThemeApi deleteTheme DELETE /themes/{theme_id} Delete Theme
ThemeApi searchThemes GET /themes/search Search Themes
ThemeApi setDefaultTheme PUT /themes/default Set Default Theme
ThemeApi theme GET /themes/{theme_id} Get Theme
ThemeApi themeOrDefault GET /themes/theme_or_default Get Theme or Default
ThemeApi updateTheme PATCH /themes/{theme_id} Update Theme
ThemeApi validateTheme POST /themes/validate Validate Theme
UserApi allUserCredentialsApi3s GET /users/{user_id}/credentials_api3 Get All API 3 Credentials
UserApi allUserCredentialsEmbeds GET /users/{user_id}/credentials_embed Get All Embedding Credentials
UserApi allUserSessions GET /users/{user_id}/sessions Get All Web Login Sessions
UserApi allUsers GET /users Get All Users
UserApi createUser POST /users Create User
UserApi createUserCredentialsApi3 POST /users/{user_id}/credentials_api3 Create API 3 Credential
UserApi createUserCredentialsEmail POST /users/{user_id}/credentials_email Create Email/Password Credential
UserApi createUserCredentialsEmailPasswordReset POST /users/{user_id}/credentials_email/password_reset Create Password Reset Token
UserApi createUserCredentialsTotp POST /users/{user_id}/credentials_totp Create Two-Factor Credential
UserApi deleteUser DELETE /users/{user_id} Delete User
UserApi deleteUserAttributeUserValue DELETE /users/{user_id}/attribute_values/{user_attribute_id} Delete User Attribute User Value
UserApi deleteUserCredentialsApi3 DELETE /users/{user_id}/credentials_api3/{credentials_api3_id} Delete API 3 Credential
UserApi deleteUserCredentialsEmail DELETE /users/{user_id}/credentials_email Delete Email/Password Credential
UserApi deleteUserCredentialsEmbed DELETE /users/{user_id}/credentials_embed/{credentials_embed_id} Delete Embedding Credential
UserApi deleteUserCredentialsGoogle DELETE /users/{user_id}/credentials_google Delete Google Auth Credential
UserApi deleteUserCredentialsLdap DELETE /users/{user_id}/credentials_ldap Delete LDAP Credential
UserApi deleteUserCredentialsLookerOpenid DELETE /users/{user_id}/credentials_looker_openid Delete Looker OpenId Credential
UserApi deleteUserCredentialsOidc DELETE /users/{user_id}/credentials_oidc Delete OIDC Auth Credential
UserApi deleteUserCredentialsSaml DELETE /users/{user_id}/credentials_saml Delete Saml Auth Credential
UserApi deleteUserCredentialsTotp DELETE /users/{user_id}/credentials_totp Delete Two-Factor Credential
UserApi deleteUserSession DELETE /users/{user_id}/sessions/{session_id} Delete Web Login Session
UserApi me GET /user Get Current User
UserApi searchUsers GET /users/search Search Users
UserApi searchUsersNames GET /users/search/names/{pattern} Search User Names
UserApi setUserAttributeUserValue PATCH /users/{user_id}/attribute_values/{user_attribute_id} Set User Attribute User Value
UserApi setUserRoles PUT /users/{user_id}/roles Set User Roles
UserApi updateUser PATCH /users/{user_id} Update User
UserApi updateUserCredentialsEmail PATCH /users/{user_id}/credentials_email Update Email/Password Credential
UserApi user GET /users/{user_id} Get User by Id
UserApi userAttributeUserValues GET /users/{user_id}/attribute_values Get User Attribute Values
UserApi userCredentialsApi3 GET /users/{user_id}/credentials_api3/{credentials_api3_id} Get API 3 Credential
UserApi userCredentialsEmail GET /users/{user_id}/credentials_email Get Email/Password Credential
UserApi userCredentialsEmbed GET /users/{user_id}/credentials_embed/{credentials_embed_id} Get Embedding Credential
UserApi userCredentialsGoogle GET /users/{user_id}/credentials_google Get Google Auth Credential
UserApi userCredentialsLdap GET /users/{user_id}/credentials_ldap Get LDAP Credential
UserApi userCredentialsLookerOpenid GET /users/{user_id}/credentials_looker_openid Get Looker OpenId Credential
UserApi userCredentialsOidc GET /users/{user_id}/credentials_oidc Get OIDC Auth Credential
UserApi userCredentialsSaml GET /users/{user_id}/credentials_saml Get Saml Auth Credential
UserApi userCredentialsTotp GET /users/{user_id}/credentials_totp Get Two-Factor Credential
UserApi userForCredential GET /users/credential/{credential_type}/{credential_id} Get User by Credential Id
UserApi userRoles GET /users/{user_id}/roles Get User Roles
UserApi userSession GET /users/{user_id}/sessions/{session_id} Get Web Login Session
UserAttributeApi allUserAttributeGroupValues GET /user_attributes/{user_attribute_id}/group_values Get User Attribute Group Values
UserAttributeApi allUserAttributes GET /user_attributes Get All User Attributes
UserAttributeApi createUserAttribute POST /user_attributes Create User Attribute
UserAttributeApi deleteUserAttribute DELETE /user_attributes/{user_attribute_id} Delete User Attribute
UserAttributeApi setUserAttributeGroupValues POST /user_attributes/{user_attribute_id}/group_values Set User Attribute Group Values
UserAttributeApi updateUserAttribute PATCH /user_attributes/{user_attribute_id} Update User Attribute
UserAttributeApi userAttribute GET /user_attributes/{user_attribute_id} Get User Attribute
WorkspaceApi allWorkspaces GET /workspaces Get All Workspaces
WorkspaceApi workspace GET /workspaces/{workspace_id} Get Workspace

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Documentation For Authorization

All endpoints do not require authorization.