Simple PHP server for GELF logger

4.0.0 2023-02-02 15:10 UTC

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Last update: 2023-11-30 16:52:15 UTC


A php implementation of a gelf compatible backend like Graylog2. This library provides a simple server to which a GELF client can connect.


Recommended installation via composer:

Add gelf-server to composer.json either by running composer require keboola/gelf-server or by defining it manually:

"require": {
   // ...
   "keboola/gelf-server": "^1.1"
   // ...

Reinstall dependencies: composer install


To create a server, use the ServerFactory class:

$server = ServerFactory::createServer(ServerFactory::SERVER_TCP);

To start listening for connections, us the start method. This method has the following parameters:

  • $minPort and $maxPort - to set port on which the server listens. To listen on a single port use the same value for both $minPort and $maxPort. Otherwise the server will randomly choose a free port in the specified range (inclusive).
  • $onStart - Callback executed when the server successfully started listening, the callback signature is function ($port), which gives you the actual port the server is listening on.
  • $onProcess - Callback executed periodically when the server is running. The callback has signature function (&$terminated). The server will keep running indefinitely until you set $terminated to true in this callback.
  • $onEvent - Callback executed when a GELF event is received. The callback has signature function ($event). The $event variable contains associative array with GELF fields
  • $onTerminate - Optional callback executed when the server terminates - after it stops listening for connections. The callback signature is function ().


For usage examples, see the /examples directory.


MIT licensed, see LICENSE file.