Helper to load data in docker sandboxes


Application which loads data from Storage API and stores them in a data folder. It is used to load data to Docker Sandboxes. There are two modes of operation:

  • A transformation sandbox is being created - KBC_CONFIG_ID and related variables need to be provided.
  • A plain sandbox is being created - KBC_EXPORT_CONFIG variable needs to be provided.


The following environment variables are used for configuration (see .env.template):

  • KBC_EXPORT_CONFIG - Serialized JSON configuration of input mapping, see description.
  • KBC_TOKEN - Storage API token.
  • KBC_DATADIR - Optional target directory, defaults to /data/
  • KBC_RUNID - Optional RunID, that appends to the log
  • KBC_STORAGEAPI_URL - Optional Storage API URL, if it's different from
  • KBC_COMPONENT_ID - optional Id of the transformation component (only for V2 transformations).
  • KBC_CONFIG_ID - Id of the transformation configuration.
  • KBC_CONFIG_VERSION - Version of the KBC_CONFIG_ID transformation.
  • KBC_ROW_ID - optional Id of a row of the KBC_CONFIG_ID transformation. (only for legacy transformations)
  • KBC_VARIABLE_VALUES_ID - Optional, id of the variable values (only for v2 transformations)
  • KBC_VARIABLE_VALUES_DATA - Optional, array of variable values data (only for v2 transforamtions)

Either KBC_EXPORT_CONFIG or the combination of KBC_CONFIG_ID, KBC_CONFIG_VERSION, KBC_ROW_ID is required.

Run the loader with php src/run.php.



git clone
cd data-loader
docker-compose build
docker-compose run --rm dev composer install


Create .env file:


Run tests:

docker-compose run --rm dev composer ci