This package is abandoned and no longer maintained. No replacement package was suggested.

Helper to load data in docker sandboxes


Application which loads data from Storage API and stores them in a data folder. It is used to load data to Docker Sandboxes. There are two modes of operation:

  • A transformation sandbox is being created - KBC_CONFIG_ID and related variables need to be provided.
  • A plain sandbox is being created - KBC_EXPORT_CONFIG variable needs to be provided.


The following environment variables are used for configuration (see .env.template):

  • KBC_EXPORT_CONFIG - Serialized JSON configuration of input mapping, see description.
  • KBC_TOKEN - Storage API token.
  • KBC_DATADIR - Optional target directory, defaults to /data/
  • KBC_RUNID - Optional RunID, that appends to the log
  • KBC_STORAGEAPI_URL - Optional Storage API URL, if it's different from
  • KBC_COMPONENT_ID - optional Id of the transformation component (only for V2 transformations).
  • KBC_CONFIG_ID - Id of the transformation configuration.
  • KBC_CONFIG_VERSION - Version of the KBC_CONFIG_ID transformation.
  • KBC_ROW_ID - optional Id of a row of the KBC_CONFIG_ID transformation. (only for legacy transformations)
  • KBC_VARIABLE_VALUES_ID - Optional, id of the variable values (only for v2 transformations)
  • KBC_VARIABLE_VALUES_DATA - Optional, array of variable values data (only for v2 transforamtions)

Either KBC_EXPORT_CONFIG or the combination of KBC_CONFIG_ID, KBC_CONFIG_VERSION, KBC_ROW_ID is required.

Run the loader with php src/run.php.



git clone
cd data-loader
docker-compose build
docker-compose run --rm dev composer install


Create .env file:


Run tests:

docker-compose run --rm dev composer ci


MIT licensed, see LICENSE file.