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Onesignal wrapper for Laravel Framework.

1.0.2 2020-11-10 00:08 UTC

This package is auto-updated.

Last update: 2021-09-10 01:58:26 UTC


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Send push notifications easily with OneSignal



In order to add Laravel OneSignal to your project, just add

composer require kce/onesignal-laravel

Composer auto discovery will register the provider. If dont use it add the following lines to "config/app.php"

'providers' => [
'aliases' => [
    'OneSignalClient' => KCE\OneSignal\Facades\OneSignalClient::class

Publish the configuration

php artisan vendor:publish --provider="KCE\OneSignal\OneSignalServiceProvider"



This package requires you to change the fields in the config/onesignal.php file:

return array (
     | One Signal App Id
     | You can find in : Project > Settings > Key & ID's > ONESIGNAL APP ID
    'app_id' => env("ONESIGNAL_APP_ID", 'default_app_id'),

     | Rest API Key
     | You can find in : Project > Settings > Key & ID's > REST API KEY
    'rest_api_key' => env("ONESIGNAL_REST_API_KEY", 'rest_api_key'),

     | User Auth Key
     | You can find in : Profile > ACCOUNT & API KEYS > AUTH KEY
    'user_auth_key' => env("ONESIGNAL_USER_AUTH_KEY", 'user_auth_key'),

Send to ALL

Send notification to all subscribed devices

\KCE\OneSignal\Facades\OneSignalClient::sendToAll('Notification message');

Send to Country

Send notification to specific country

\KCE\OneSignal\Facades\OneSignalClient::sendToCountry('Notification message', 'TR'); // Country ISO Code

Send to Location

Send notification to a particular area-wide. Use radius in meters

\KCE\OneSignal\Facades\OneSignalClient::sendToLocation('Notification message', 10000, 37.4247, 41.33933); // Use Lat, Long and Radius

Send to single user or users.

Send notification to player ids.

\KCE\OneSignal\Facades\OneSignalClient::sendToUser('Notification message', "player_id"); // Single player id


\KCE\OneSignal\Facades\OneSignalClient::sendToUser('Notification message', ["player_id1", 'player_id2]); // Multiple player ids

Send to segment

Send notification to one or more segments

\KCE\OneSignal\Facades\OneSignalClient::sendToSegment('Notification message', "segment");
\KCE\OneSignal\Facades\OneSignalClient::sendToSegment('Notification message', ["segment", "segment2"]);

Send to Tags

Send notification filter by tags

\KCE\OneSignal\Facades\OneSignalClient::sendToTags('Notification message', ["user_id", "=", 15]); //will send the notification to user that tagges as user_id 15

Add Data and/or Title To Notifications

\KCE\OneSignal\Facades\OneSignalClient::setTitle("Notification Title")->setData([
        'key' => 'value'
    ])->sendToAll("Example Message");


You can schedule notification for future date time.

\KCE\OneSignal\Facades\OneSignalClient::setSchedule("2018-10-29 10:00")->sendToAll("Cumhuriyet Bayramı Kutlu Olsun!");

Schedule based on User's Timezone

Notification will deliver at a specific time-of-day in each users own timezone.

\KCE\OneSignal\Facades\OneSignalClient::scheduleByUserTimezone("04:44PM")->sendToAll("This message will deliver based on user timezone on 04:44PM!");

addTag / addOrTag

If you use addTag or addTags method it will put AND between tags. If you want to use multiple tags with "OR" connector, you should use addOrTag method.

$client = app('onesignal');
$client->addTag(['fav_color', 'green'])->addOrTag(['fav_color', 'red'])->sendToAll("Users like yellow or red");

Send by First / Last Session

Typically filters has 3 parameters (key, relation, value) but some filters like last_session, first session has their own value keys. You can add specific value key as 4th parameter. If you want to send notification by users last or first active time you can use addFilter method by value key.

$client = app('onesignal');
$client->addFilter('last_session', '>', '48', 'hours_ago')->sendToAll("Notification by last active"); // Users who last session time more than 48 Hours.
$client->addFilter('last_session', '<', '48', 'hours_ago')->sendToAll("Notification by last active"); // Users who last session time less than 48 Hours.
$client->addFilter('first_session', '>', '48', 'hours_ago')->sendToAll("Notification by last active"); // Users who first session time more than 48 Hours.
$client->addFilter('first_session', '<', '48', 'hours_ago')->sendToAll("Notification by last active"); // Users who last session time less than 48 Hours.

Multi Language Notifications

Default notification language is English. But if you want you can send notification to each user in their language. Just add an language => message array as message to any of send methods.

$client = app('onesignal');
             'en' => 'English Title',
             'tr' => 'Türkçe Başlık',
             'en' => 'English notification message',
             'tr' => 'Türkçe bildirim mesajı'


You can use method chaining...

$client = app('onesignal');

$client->addTag(['user_id', 15)->addTag('notifiable', 1)->setTitle("Test Notif")->sendToAll("New Message");


Laravel OneSignal is free software distributed under the terms of the MIT license.

Feel free to send pull requests.