Simple controls for some of the advanced Contact Form 7 plugin functionality.

0.8.1 2024-07-11 16:54 UTC

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Lint and Test

Source of the Contact Form 7 Controls plugin for WordPress.

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Search for "Contact Form 7 Controls" under "Plugins → Add New" in your WordPress dashboard.

Install as a Composer dependancy:

composer require kasparsd/contact-form-7-extras


We use Composer for managing PHP development dependencies while Node.js is used for most scripting needs, building the plugin release and deploying to WP.org via Grunt.

  1. Clone the plugin repository:

    git clone https://github.com/kasparsd/contact-form-7-extras.git
    cd widget-context-wporg
  2. Setup the development environment and tools:

    npm install
    composer install
  3. Prepare a release in the dist directory:

    npm run build


Contact Form 7 Controls