Simple controls for some of the advanced Contact Form 7 plugin functionality.

0.8.0 2020-07-23 08:54 UTC

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Source of the Contact Form 7 Controls plugin for WordPress.

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Search for "Contact Form 7 Controls" under "Plugins → Add New" in your WordPress dashboard.

Install as a Composer dependancy:

composer require kasparsd/contact-form-7-extras


We use Composer for managing PHP related dependencies and linting while Node.js is used for the triggering the pre-commit hook, building the plugin release and deploying to WP.org via Grunt.

  1. Clone the plugin repository:

    git clone https://github.com/kasparsd/contact-form-7-extras.git
    cd widget-context-wporg
  2. Setup the development environment and tools:

    composer install
  3. Prepare a release in the dist directory:

    composer build


Contact Form 7 Controls