A multi level dependent dropdown JQuery plugin that allows nested dependencies.

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A multi level dependent dropdown JQuery plugin that allows nested dependencies. The plugin allows you to convert normal select inputs, whose options are derived based on value selected in another input/or a group of inputs. It works both with normal select options and select with optgroups as well.

NOTE: Refer the CHANGE LOG for details on updates to various releases.


  • Apply the plugin on a select element and set dependency to one or more other input / select elements (including dependency nesting).
  • Automatically convert select inputs with class depdrop to dependent dropdowns. The plugin supports HTML5 data attributes to configure the dependent dropdown options.
  • Automatically initialize dependent dropdowns based on preselected values (useful for update scenario).
  • Supports both select input with basic options and select with optgroups.
  • Automatically lock/disable the dependent dropdown until dependent results are available.
  • The plugin uses ajax call to the server to render the list of dependent options.
  • Allows a loading indicator to be displayed in dependent select until the results are fetched from the server.
  • Configure your own loading progress text to be displayed for each dependent dropdown before the results are fetched from the server.
  • Display a placeholder label with an empty value. For optgroups automatically disable this option.
  • Triggers JQuery events for advanced development. Events currently available are depdrop:init, depdrop:change, depdrop:beforeChange,depdrop:afterChange, and depdrop:error.
  • Ability to configure HTML attributes of each option element via ajax response (for example dynamically disabling some dropdown options or adding styles).

Documentation and Demo

View the plugin documentation and plugin demos at Krajee JQuery plugins.


  1. Latest JQuery

  2. All select inputs in markup must have a defined ID attribute for the plugin to work.

  3. Tested to work currently with default HTML select input. It is not tested to work with other JQuery plugins that enhance the HTML select input (e.g. Select2, multiselect etc.). However, the plugin exposes events, which can be used in such situations.

  4. The dependent dropdown is generated using an ajax call and hence requires a web server and web programming language to generate this. The plugin passes the dependent id values as an input to the ajax call via POST action. The ajax response should be a JSON encoded specified format like below:

    {output: <dependent-list>, selected: <default-selected-value>}


  • output is an array of data for the dependent list of the format
{id: <option-value>, name: <option-name>}
  • selected is the default selected value after the dependent dropdown is generated.

If you desire a dependent list containing optgroups then the output must be of the format

{group-name: {id: <option-value>, name: <option-name>}}


Using Bower

You can use the bower package manager to install. Run:

bower install dependent-dropdown

Using NPM

To install using the npm package manager run:

npm install dependent-dropdown

Using Composer

You can use the composer package manager to install. Either run:

$ php composer.phar require kartik-v/dependent-dropdown "@dev"

or add:

"kartik-v/dependent-dropdown": "@dev"

to your composer.json file

Manual Install

You can also manually install the plugin easily to your project. Just download the source ZIP or TAR ball and extract the plugin assets (css and js folders) into your project.


Step 1: Load the following assets in your header.

<link href="path/to/css/dependent-dropdown.min.css" media="all" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" />
<script src="//ajax.googleapis.com/ajax/libs/jquery/1.11.0/jquery.min.js"></script>
<script src="path/to/js/dependent-dropdown.min.js" type="text/javascript"></script>
<!-- optionally if you need translation for your language then include locale file as mentioned below -->
<script src="path/to/js/locales/<lang>.js"></script>

If you noticed, you need to load the jquery.min.js in addition to the dependent-dropdown.min.css and dependent-dropdown.min.js for the plugin to work with default settings. The locale file js/locales/<lang>.js can be optionally included for translating for your language if needed.

Step 2: Setup your select input markup to. Automatically set dependent dropdowns by adding the class depdrop and setting data attributes. NOTE: All select inputs must have a defined ID attribute for the plugin to work.

<select id="parent-1">
   <!-- your select options -->

<select id="child-1" class="depdrop" data-depends="['parent-1']" data-url="/path/to/child_1_list">
   <!-- your select options -->

<select id="child-2" class="depdrop" data-depends="['parent-1', 'child-1']" data-url="/path/to/child_2_list">
   <!-- your select options -->

Due to array data being used for the data-depends attribute, you may need to escape the data like so:

<select id="child-1" class="depdrop" data-depends="[&quot;parent-1&quot;]" data-url="/path/to/child_1_list">
   <!-- your select options -->

Step 2 (Alternative): You can initialize the plugin via javascript for your dependent dropdowns. For example,

    depends: ['parent-1'],
    url: '/path/to/child_1_list'

    depends: ['parent-1', 'child-1'],
    url: '/path/to/child_2_list'


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dependent-dropdown is released under the BSD-3-Clause License. See the bundled LICENSE.md for details.