Official repository of the Karmap SDK for PHP

0.0.7 2018-04-23 12:27 UTC


Official repository of the Karmap SDK for PHP.

This SDK contains wrapper classes for the public Karmap APIs, which provide methods to calculate individual astrological horoscopes for places on earth.


You will first need to register as an external partner at karmap.com; you then receive a client code and secret. These credentials will be used when setting up the wrapper classes to access the APIs.


See the following examples, which can be re-used in your project.

Interpreting a place for a person

$coreApiWrapper = new CoreApiWrapper('client_code', 'client_secret');
$anonymousInterpretation = $coreApiWrapper->createAnonymousInterpretation(
    $partnerCode,        // ''
    $personBirthdate,    // '1970-20-03 23:54:00'
    $personBirthplace,   // 'Berlin, Germany'
    $personGmtOffset,    // '+0100'
    $personLatitude,     // 
    $personLongitude,    // 
    $placeAddress,       // ''
    $placeLatitude,      // 
    $placeLongitude,     // 
    $level,              // 'exact adress, microcosm'
    $interpretationType, // 'basic'
    $language            // 'de'

Load interpretation data via a code

$coreApiWrapper = new CoreApiWrapper('client_code', 'client_secret');
$anonymousInterpretation = $daw->getAnonymousInterpretation($code, 'de');

Get list of available products

$coreApiWrapper = new CoreApiWrapper('client_code', 'client_secret');
$productList = $coreApiWrapper->getProducts();