Modified Pre-order Tree Traversal doctrine implementation

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Modified Pre-order Tree Traversal doctrine implementation.



Full list of dependencies you can get from Composer config file


The best way to install Kappa\DoctrineMPTT is using Composer

$ composer require kappa/doctrine-mptt:@dev

and register extension

    doctrine: Kappa\Doctrine\DI\DoctrineExtension
    doctrineMPTT: Kappa\DoctrineMPTT\DI\DoctrineMPTTExtension


  1. Minimize count of queries. For delete is needed 3 queries (1x DELETE, 2x UPDATE), for create is needed 3 queries (1x INSERT, 2x UPDATE) and for move item is needed only 1x UPDATE query. This algorithm is much faster and more fuel efficient than other commonly used methods, such as classical parent - children method.
  2. Full control over the nesting depth or count of branches

Restrictions and warnings

  1. This package was be tested on MySQL, SQLite and PostgreSQL and it is compatible with them
  2. Because this package is working directly with database to minimize count of queries after use moveItem() or insertItem() you should refresh loaded entities. Attention! you must save all updates before call this methods to avoids conflicts


You can set custom names for used columns:

        entityClass: Your\entity
		originalLeftName: _lft
		leftColumnName: lft
		rightColumnName: rgt
		depthColumnName: depth

Configuration may not be in config file but can be set Kappa\DoctrineMPTT\TraversableManager::setConfigurator.


Package provide main Kappa\DoctrineMPTT\TraversableManager which can be used for all manipulations. All operations are performed over entity which is instance of Kappa\DoctrineMPTT\Entities\TraversableInterface.


You can use own entity but, your entity must implement Kappa\DoctrineMPTT\Entities\TraversableInterface interface. For easier implementation you can use Kappa\DoctrineMPTT\Entities\Traversable trait which implements all requires methods and columns.


Original tree structure


Kappa\DoctrineMPTT\TraversableManager provides three methods by which we can do all operations.

Insert item

insertItem(TraversableInterface $actual, TraversableInterface $parent = null, $refresh)

Second argument is new parent and actual item (first argument) will be included under this parent item. Last argument is bool and if is set to true entities will be refreshed. For example: This code generate next tree

$parent = $this->repository->find(4);
$actual = new TraversableEntity();
// ....
$this->traversableManager->insertItem($parent, $actual);

After insert

If is parent null, actual item will be inserted as last child of root element if it exist. If not exist root element actual item will be inserted as root.

Move item

moveItem(TraversableInterface $actual, TraversableInterface $related, action, refresh)

With this method you can move each item into new place (as predecessor or descendant). Last argument is bool and if is set to true entities will be refreshed. For example predecessor

// (1)
$actual = $this->repository->find(3);
$related = $this->repository->find(2);
$this->traversableManager->moveItem($actual, $related, TraversableManager::PREDECESSOR); // (1) - move actual before related

// (2)
$actual = $this->repository->find(3);
$related = $this->repository->find(4);
$this->traversableManager->moveItem($actual, $related, TraversableManager::DESCENDANT); // (2) - move actual as child of related

// (3)
$actual = $this->repository->find(3);
$this->traversableManager->moveItem($actual, null, TraversableManager::DESCENDANT); // (3) - move actual as last child of root

(1) Result

After move predecessor

(2) Result

After move predecessor

(3) Result

After move predecessor

Remove item

removeItem(TraversableInterface $actual)

Remove item and all its children For example:

$actual = $this->repository->find(2);

After delete


  1. Kappa\DoctrineMPTT\Queries\Objects\Selectors\GetAll - returns all items sorted for scalable listing
  2. Kappa\DoctrineMPTT\Queries\Objects\Selectors\GetParents - returns all parents for actual item
  3. Kappa\DoctrineMPTT\Queries\Objects\Selectors\GetChildren - returns all children for actual item
  4. Kappa\DoctrineMPTT\Queries\Objects\Selectors\GetPrevious - return previous item
  5. Kappa\DoctrineMPTT\Queries\Objects\Selectors\GetNext - return next item
  6. Kappa\DoctrineMPTT\Queries\Objects\Selectors\GetParent - returns parent item
  7. Kappa\DoctrineMPTT\Queries\Objects\Selectors\GetRoot - returns tree root

You can use Kappa\DoctrineMPTT\Queries\SelectorsCollector as easier getter of query objects