Real Measurement Web Vitals Statistic for your TYPO3

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Real Measurement Web Vitals Statistic for your TYPO3
More information about Web Vitals

install 🎁

composer req kanti/web-vitals-tracker

Or via the Extension Reposiotry

How does it work 🦾

We inject a small javascript file (2.6kb gziped) into the frontend,
that uses the web-vitals package to collect the timings of every page request.
The data is sent to the TYPO3 and saved in the database.

how does it look like 👀

Screenshot of the Page overview

For TYPO3 10 and 11 the Dashboard:

Screenshot of the Dashboard

How to contribute 🤝

cd public/typo3conf/ext
git clone git@github.com:Kanti/web-vitals.git
cd web-vitals
# change your stuff
composer update
git commit -m '✨ fancy message that explains what was done and why'
# hint: use https://gitmoji.dev/ for a colorful commit message
git remote set-url origin git@github.com:<yourName>/web-vitals-tracker.git
git push
# create PR

Get support 🆘

currently, the only support you can ask for is a github Issue

Open Questions ❓

  • what about Sites with a lot of Traffic?
    after 1_000_000 requests MySQL gets pretty slow (1,2s on my Laptop)
  • What about nice 404 Sites, will it still measure the web vitals for that page?
  • what about Route Enhancers, how will we work with that?
  • what should be configurable?
  • Analytical output
    • is it useful to get the top 10 and flop 10 Pages of a Site?
    • is it useful to have a historical chart of some sort?
    • is it useful to have a top 10 and flop 10 List of Plugins/Content Elements?

What I want to do 🗓️

  • make it compatible with php 7.2? 7.3?
  • save the requests of elder data in aggregate form (to allow large websites to use it)

Author 🚶‍♂️

Matthias Vogel
Made with Love 💕, in my spare time ⏲