Show timings of Database and HTTP Calls

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1.1.1 2023-01-17 16:38 UTC

This package is auto-updated.

Last update: 2023-05-17 17:32:55 UTC




composer require kanti/server-timing

at the moment there is nothing to configure

Server timings are not displayed in production for users who are not logged into the backend.

Included measurements:

  • php: from start of php call to the register shutdown function
  • middleware: will show how much time was spend in the inward and outward middleware directions
  • sql: shows the sql query's
  • extbase: show all Extbase dispatches, (forwards are included in the original action call)
  • guzzle: external API calls are measured if they use the official TYPO3 RequestFactory or the GuzzleClientFactory)

if a measurement key has more than 4 entries, they will get combined into one total time with a count. And the 3 longest entries will be kept

Measure your own timings:

stopWatch function (recommended)

  $stop = \Kanti\ServerTiming\Utility\TimingUtility::stopWatch('doSomething', 'additinal Information');
  $result = $this->doSomethingExpensive();

start & stop functions

this has some limitations, there can only be one doSomething at a time.

  \Kanti\ServerTiming\Utility\TimingUtility::start('doSomething', 'additinal Information');
  $result = $this->doSomethingExpensive();

TODO List:


  • more tests

composer patches needed?

  • fluid renderings (possible solution with XClasses?)


  • functional tests

nice to have?

  • ViewHelpers