A simple PHP DI container

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ContainerX is a little PHP dependency injection container.


$ composer require kanian/containerx



The Car class be:

class Car {
	protected $driver;
    public function __construct(Driver $driver)
    	$this -> driver = $driver;
    \\\ ... more car code

And the HumanDriver class be:

class HumanDriver implements Driver {
  public function drive()
  	\\\ ... some driving code

We can use:

Container functionalities as object methods

In order to access the functionalities of the container as object methods:

use Kanian\ContainerX\Container;

$container = new Container();
$container->set('chauffeur', function($c){ return new HumanDriver;});
$container->set('limo', function($c){ return new Car($c->get('chauffeur'));});

$limo = $container->get('limo');

We have used anonymous functions has factories. Moreover, We could simply register the dependencies we need and let the container instantiate them:

use Kanian\ContainerX\Container;
$container = new Container();
$limo = $container->get('limo');

The container will know how to construct a Car instance for us.

Alternatively, we can use:

Container functionalities through the ArrayAccess Interface

For example, we can achieve factory based registration by using the Kanian\Container\ContainerX class, which implements the ArrayAccess interface.

use Kanian\ContainerX\ContainerX;

$container = new ContainerX();
$container['chauffeur'] =  HumanDriver::class;
$container['limo'] = Car::class;

$limo = $container['limo'];

Accessing a dependency as a Singleton

In order to ensure that there is receive only one copy of a dependency in the system at a time, you will use the


method. like this:

$container->singletonize('limo', Car::class);
$limo = $container['limo'];

Now you will always get the same instance of Car, but with different instances of HumanDriver..