What terminus began, terminatur finished: Drush CODESCIENCE for Pantheon Integration

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Many components of this software have reached end of life and the project is no longer actively maintained

Please check out the successor project Kalabox2. This project is still under development but it very actively supported and should reach feature parity with Kalabox 1 shortly.

Terminatur is a set of drush commands to extend the functionality provided by the amazing Terminus

Specifically Terminatur allows you to build Pantheon sites on your local development environment. It takes care of handling your settings, vhosts, aliases... all the stuff that is generally annoying. You can also easily spin up new sites.

Terminatur was written with the underlying Kalastack environment in mind. However, Terminatur features a pluggable architecture and it should be easy to add support for MAMP, Megladon or any NIX based development stack.

If you are interested in providing some of these environmental plugins please contact us!


Installing Terminatur with Composer and Packagist

Composer is a dependency manager for PHP, and Packagist is the main Composer repository. Terminatur can be found on Packagist as kalamuna/terminatur

The easiest way to install Composer for *nix (including Mac):

curl -sS https://getcomposer.org/installer | php
mv composer.phar /usr/local/bin/composer

More detailed installation instructions for multiple platforms can be found in the Composer Documentation.

Normal installation

# Download Terminatur for non-development use.
composer create-project kalamuna/terminatur $HOME/.drush/terminatur -s dev --no-dev -n
# Clear Drush's cache.
drush cc drush

To get updates when available just run

# Updating Terminatur.
composer update --no-dev --working-dir $HOME/.drush/terminatur

Installing Terminatur with Git

If you are unable to use Composer, Terminatur can be installed using git. This method is not recommended as dependencies will not be automatically installed if they're missing.

git clone https://github.com/kalamuna/terminatur.git $HOME/.drush/terminatur
# Clear Drush's cache.
drush cc drush


# Authenticate with Pantheon and pull down your aliases
drush ta
# List terminatur site aliases
drush sa | grep terminatur
# Download a site with all its files
drush pullsite mysite.dev # mysite.dev is from the alias @terminatur.mysite.dev
# Remove this site
drush crush mysite.dev

Some more indepth things

  • mysite.dev corresponds to @terminatur.mysite.dev
  • mysite.local correspondes to @local.mysite.local
  • mysite.kala correspondes to @kalastack.mysite.local
$ drush pullsite mysite.dev # Build a Pantheon site locally
$ drush pullsite mysite.dev --files # Build a Pantheon site locally and download your files

This will also add an entry to your hosts file, set up a vhost on supported environments and add a local drush alias for you to work with. Your settings.php will be edited to contain the local connection configuration. If you run this command a second time it will refresh your code, data and files.

$ drush pullcode mysite.dev # Pulls down your Pantheon code with either git or wget
$ drush pulldata mysite.dev # Imports your Pantheon database from a specific backup, the latest backup, or a newly created backup
$ drush pullfiles mysite.dev # Pulls down your Pantheon files, either by rsync or wget

Running any of these commands more than once will simply fetch what's new and pull it down.

$ drush crush mysite.dev # Completely removes your local site
$ drush crush mysite.kala # Completely removes your local site
$ drush crush mysite.local # Completely removes your local site

Not much else required to explain here!

$ drush newsite mysite # Spins up a new local site
$ drush newsite mysite --profile=openatrium # Spins up a new local OpenAtrium site

Builds a new site and sets up hosts, vhosts, settings, aliases.

$ drush ta # Refreshes your Pantheon alias file and parses it for use with Terminatur

You should run this anytime you add/remove a site on Pantheon or make a backup.

Plus run drush newsite --help for a complete listing of command options.


Remember that if you have Terminatur installed in a VM you may have to edit your host machine's host file to see your site in your browser.

The Future

  • Support for multidev
  • Deploy new sites to Pantheon
  • Support for MAMP, DAMP, Megladon, Proviso


Please use the issue tracker if you find any bugs or wish to contribute.

(C) 2013 Kalamuna LLC