Webpack encore like entrypoint loader for ViteJS

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This Symfony bundle assists with the integration of Vite by providing Twig functions to render assets based on Vite's manifest.json or its dev server.


In order to use this bundle, your project has to fulfill the following requirements:

  • Symfony ^4.4 || ^5.0 || ^6.0


Install the bundle by running:

composer require k10r/vite-encore

Now, register the bundle in your config/bundles.php:

return [
    // ...
    K10r\ViteEncoreBundle\K10rViteEncoreBundle::class => ['all' => true],

If you have not installed Vite, yet, do so by running:

npm install -D vite


Configuring the bundle consists of two parts: Vite and Symfony. The latter part is optional, since this bundle already provides reasonable defaults.


Start by creating a vite.config.js file inside your project's root directory and populate it with the following content:

import { defineConfig } from 'vite';
import { resolve } from 'path';

export default defineConfig({
    root: 'assets',
    base: '/dist/',

    build: {
        outDir: resolve(__dirname, 'public/dist'),
        emptyOutDir: true,
        manifest: true,
        target: 'es2018',
        rollupOptions: {
            input: '/js/app.js'

    server: {
        cors: true,
        strictPort: true,
        port: 3000,

From there on, you can adjust the configuration as you see fit. For more information on how to configure Vite, see the official documentation.

To make the above configuration work with your project, you want to create an app.js inside the <project-root>/assets/js directory or adjust the root and build.rollupOptions.input options inside the config.


In order to change the default configuration, a k10r_vite_encore.yaml can be created inside the <project-root>/config/packages directory.

The default configuration is as follows:

# config/packages/k10r_vite_encore.yaml
    base: /dist/
        enabled: true
        host: localhost
        port: 3000
        https: false


base - string

This option tells Symfony where to find the bundled assets, relative to the public directory. The value has to be equal to the root option inside the Vite config, as well as match the final path fragment of the build.outDir option.

server.enabled - bool

This option controls, if the Vite dev server should be used, when the project is launched with APP_ENV=dev. This requires the development server to be started.

server.host - string

This options controls, which hostname is used to query assets from the development server. It should correspond to the IP/hostname on which the development server will be running.

server.port - int

This option controls, which port is used to access the development server. It should correspond to the server.port option from the Vite configuration.

server.https - bool

This options controls, if the development server should be accessed via https.


In order to include your bundled assets, use the following Twig functions for scripts and styles respectively:

{{ vite_style_entry('js/app.js') }}
{{ vite_script_entry('js/app.js') }}

The js/app.js is the entrypoint corresponding to the Vite configuration provided above. It as to correspond to the build.rollupOptions.input value without trailing slashes.

Using the development server

You can launch the development server by running npx vite or creating an alias script inside your package.json to run vite.

Building for production

If you want to build for production, use the command npx vite build or do so by creating an alias script inside your package.json to execute vite build.


This project adheres to Semantic Versioning. Please refer to the CHANGELOG.md for detailed changes and migration instructions.