Kellerkinder codestyle definitions for different PHP versions.

v3.1.0 2022-11-16 14:06 UTC



First require the package via composer:

composer require --dev k10r/codestyle

Choose a version

After that, decide which configuration you want to use, currently the following configurations are supported:

  • PHP 7.4
  • PHP 8.0 (depends on PHP 7.4)
  • PHP 8.1 (depends on PHP 8.0)
  • PHP 8.2 (depends on PHP 8.1)


Due to the use of (FriendsOfPHP/PHP-CS-Fixer)[https://github.com/FriendsOfPHP/PHP-CS-Fixer] the cs-fixer currently currently only be executed with PHP7.4 and PHP8.0.

Otherwise you need to use the ENV-Variable PHP_CS_FIXER_IGNORE_ENV="true".


  • Create a .php-cs-fixer.dist.php or add the one provided by the project to the root folder of your project.
  • Change the version to one of the listed above
  • Finally, add .php-cs-fixer.cache to project specific .gitignore file
  • If you want to apply the changes simply use: ./vendor/bin/php-cs-fixer fix
  • Use the following command to take a look at the changes before applying them: ./vendor/bin/php-cs-fixer fix --dry-run