With this extension you can access service BW interface

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Interface for Service BW


This TYPO3 extension integrates with service-bw, providing authorities with valuable information from the service-bw portal. Authorities, including participants in the state administration network (LVN) and municipalities in the KVN municipal administration network, can access detailed information via the AdminCenter on the internal BW portal.


  • Access service-bw information directly within TYPO3.
  • Integration with the service-bw AdminCenter.
  • Retrieve and display relevant data on government accounts and the special electronic government mailbox (beBPo).
  • Seamless connection to the state administration network (LVN) and KVN municipal administration network.


Installation using Composer

The recommended way to install the extension is using Composer.

Run the following command within your Composer based TYPO3 project:

composer require jweiland/service-bw2

Installation using classic way

  1. Install the extension via TYPO3 Extension Manager.
  2. Configure access to the internal BW portal within TYPO3 settings.


  1. Navigate to the TYPO3 backend.
  2. Access the service-bw information through the integrated extension.
  3. Explore AdminCenter functionalities, documents, and instructions.
  4. Integrate service-bw data into your TYPO3-based websites.
  5. Manage government accounts and special electronic government mailboxes.


For more details, refer to the documentation provided with the extension.

Note: Ensure proper configuration of network access for authorities participating in LVN or KVN. Contact the network service provider for assistance.

This extension simplifies the interaction between TYPO3 and service-bw, enhancing the efficiency of authorities in accessing and utilizing valuable information.