Login to TYPO3 frontend with your static IP address

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4.0.0 2023-05-26 07:27 UTC

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TYPO3 extension with a service to authenticate via IP address match.

You will find the documentation in folder "Documentation" in rst format.

1 Features

  • Authenticate to your TYPO3 system with your static IP address

2 Usage

2.1 Installation

Installation using Composer

The recommended way to install the extension is using Composer.

Run the following command within your Composer based TYPO3 project:

composer require jweiland/jwauth

Installation as extension from TYPO3 Extension Repository (TER)

Download and install jwauth with the extension manager module.

2.2 Minimal setup

  1. Install and activate jwauth
  2. Add your static IP address to the user record