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Object Oriented PHP Apple Push Notification Integration Library

v0.0.3 2014-01-07 21:15 UTC

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Last update: 2020-01-17 07:16:04 UTC


PHP Apple Push Notification Service Library

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Install PHP APNS using composer:

composer require jwage/php-apns

Generate Safari Notification Package

use JWage\APNS\Certificate;
use JWage\APNS\Safari\PackageGenerator;

$certificate = new Certificate(file_get_contents('apns.p12'), 'certpassword');
$packageGenerator = new PackageGenerator(
    $certificate, '/base/pushPackage/path', 'yourdomain.com'

// returns JWage\APNS\Safari\Package instance
$package = $packageGenerator->createPushPackageForUser('userid');

// send zip file to the browser
echo $package->getZipPath();

Sending Notifications

use JWage\APNS\Certificate;
use JWage\APNS\Client;
use JWage\APNS\Sender;
use JWage\APNS\SocketClient;

$certificate = new Certificate(file_get_contents('apns.pem'));
$socketClient = new SocketClient($certificate, 'gateway.push.apple.com', 2195);
$client = new Client($socketClient);
$sender = new Sender($client);

$sender->send('devicetoken', 'Title of push', 'Body of push', 'http://deeplink.com');