The friendly themes engine designed for the Symfony2

v1.0.1 2015-12-07 23:25 UTC


The JungiThemeBundle is a themes engine designed for the Symfony2 and the Symfony3. It provides wide features which allows you to create flexible and smart themes with so-called tags. Thanks to these tags you can e.g. create a theme for desktop and mobile devices (Responsive Web Design) or create two separate themes where each one is designed for another device (Adaptive Web Design). Of course the functionality of the bundle not ends here. Read the documentation to know more.

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The most useful features:

  • Themes with tags support
  • A possibility of change the current theme
  • Smart theme matching for the request
  • Support of the Responsive Web Design, the Adaptive Web Design and the Responsive + Server-Side
  • Various theme mappings (xml, php, yaml)
  • Themes validation

Third Party Packages

  • MobileDetect - used for detecting mobile devices (incl. tablets)


You can play with the bundle by entering this website or by installing the sandbox version.


All documentation files are located in the Resources/doc directory.

Read the documentation


The installation steps are located here.


This bundle is under the MIT license