This Laravel package provides a Redis mock for your tests

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This Laravel package provides a Redis mock for your tests. It depends on Redis PHP Mock.

This makes it possible to run your tests without any local Redis server running!

Installation & Usage

To get started, use Composer to add the package to your project's dependencies:

composer require josiasmontag/laravel-redis-mock

This package adds a new mock Redis client.

In config/database.php, make the Redis client configurable via environment variable:

    'redis' => [

        'client' => env('REDIS_CLIENT', 'predis'),


Now, you can switch to the mock client in your .env.testing:


Alternatively, you can switch to the mock in your phpunit.xml:

<env name="REDIS_CLIENT" value="mock"/>

Done! Your tests should work without a local redis server running.

Package Development

If you are using Redis as part of a Laravel package, you should already have a TestCase.php that is extending Orchestra\Testbench\Testcase.

Within this file you should add RedisMockServiceProvider to getPackageProviders method e.g.

     * @param $app
     * @return string[]
    protected function getPackageProviders($app): array
        return [